June 29, 2007


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

Trigger incident 6.
Don’t assume knowledge. This was a lesson that had not occured to me until we did a class on teaching Key Skills. As an adult we assume that perhaps all our students have a level of literacy and numeracy as standard when leaving school and entering at the Further Education level. This was my assumption and I have had to understand that some students do not have the same grasp of literacy as I do. As teaching is still very new to me it was good to be reminded that I must look at each student individually and learn to differeiate effectivly with in my student group. I will continue to learn how to do this but it was a valuable lesson for me. I have a greater understanding about not assuming knowlege of my studnets.


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

Trigger incident 5.
This was a simple trigger that I discussed with my tutor Lorna in one of my tutor sessions. I was reading some back-ground information for one of my assisgments and was reading ‘Teaching Today’ my Geoff Petty and came across a quote from a child about is reaction to some work that he had taken alot of time and effort with. When the mark for the paper was poor the student felt let down and fed up. Why bother! I realised that I too feel like that when I have worked hard and not be given the prise or recognition for work that I had been proud of. I too feel let down. Geoff Petty went on to explain that we can never give too much praise and encouragment to our studnents. I agree, I will try to remember how I felt as a student when I recieved good feed back from my lectures and will endever to give this to my students.


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

Trigger incident 4.
I was pleased with my lesson where my mentor observed my class. My idea was to help my students to go over some of the inderpinning knowledge they had done in provious lessons and to do this I used my power point presentation and removed key works which the students could then infill the missing word. I put the students into teams and played it like a quiz game. The interaction with the students was good and the lesson effective. The reason this was a trigger incident was that my mentor sujested that it would have been better and easier for the students to take part in the game if I had moved the class room furniture around to suit my needs. It had not occured to me that I could do this and I realised that when I am teaching in the room I can do this to make it a better working space for my requirements. The fact that an experinced member of staff told me that this was ok to do has given me more confidence to change things around. I will do this in future to help my presentation.

June 20, 2007


Follow-up to sa6a from Sam irving's blog

I have my literacy test booked for wednesday 20th June I hope I pass! Watch this space. Passed! really pleased. My Key Skills requirment is now complete.

June 08, 2007


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

Trigger 3.
What do we do with a drunken student?
A very busy commercial practical assessment session and a student turns up drunk. I was so shocked that at first I wondered if she was ill and tryed to help her get organised for the clients she had booked in for assessment. After just a few minuets it became apparent that she was infact drunk. I had to find out why she had come to my class in this state as I did not believe that she intended to. She tryed to explain to me that is was about an assignment she had handed into another teacher and she had not been given the mark she felt that her work should have had. It was difficult to understand what she was trying to tell me so I arranged for her to take a taxi home so that I could continue my assessment session with the other students.
The following morning I spoke to her tutor and between us we found out that she had given in some work late and had been asked why. She then lied about the reasons for the work being handed in late. When she was confronted with her lie she tryed to run away from the issue and ended up making it worse by then turning up for my class drunk.
This behavour was unusual for this student and one which will not happen again. She has appologised to all the staff involved and is very embarrassed by her behaviour.
This student really lacks confidence and this is the first course she has taken that she really enjoys and she has therefore tryed very hard thoughout difficult personal circumstances. I have talked to her and she has picked hereself up and is doing well in her assessments.
I was very shocked when this situation occured it was not one I could have expected but I’m happy with the way I dealt with the situation at the time. I may have been able to have done more on the evening in question but the session was very busy and I had to make a decision for my other students as well as members of the public who were coming to the commercial session.
Again patience and understanding have prevailed and a good student has continued to study and will have learnt by her mistakes.
I have learnt that as a teacher we have to be aware of eveything going on around us in class and to a degree we need to be aware of the students life when they are not in college as this can have an effect on their performance. I hope not to have to deal with a drunken student again and if I do I hope that they are not violent. I’ll just have to deal with that one if ever the situation arises.


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

Trigger 2.
‘I’ve learnt something tonight, thank you.’ The first time one of my students said that to me gave me a feeling of pride that I had helped her and that I had made a difference to her learning experience.
I was teaching one of my practical sessions and was helping my students become accomplised at painting nails. This may sound mundaine to you but for anyone trying to grasp the finer points of painting a nail without getting the varinish all over the fingers of the client and themselves will know how strange and frustrating it is in the begining. Because of my years of experience I was able to offer tips and help on this subject showing the students how to over come the difficulties they were experiencing.

We all like to master something new and seeing the students master a new skill is truly rewarding. I will try to remember the feeling that this statement gave me and I continue to be approachable and enthusiastic with my students.


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

Trigger incident.
My fist trigger was one that I had forgotten about from when I was training. I trained as a mature student and therefore found it hard to undersand the younger students not feeling comfortable removing clothing or make-up to take part in practical sessions. I remember being frustrated with this attitude then and so the same feelings of frustration came back to me as a teacher when I needed the students to become clients for their peer group and to therefore remove make-up or to lie on the couch ready for massage.
It was the fist week of practical sessions and one student in-particular was very loud in her objection to being a client and even went as far as saying she was not going to join in and that we should have clients for them to work on. I explianed that part of the training would require them all to have treatments performed on them it was important for a mumber of reasons not least beacuse they needed to know what the treatment felt like in order to know what the client was experiencing. I also explained that it was only fair on the other memebers of the group that she allowed someone to practice on her.
I felt frustrated that this issue appeared to be of significace to this student, I wanted her to show more maturity than she had but I was pleased that I persivered with this student and she did in fact stay and have a treatment done on her. However she has continued be be argumentative throughout the pracital sessions becuse of her dislike to removing her make-up. She has deep issues of self worth that need to be addressed by a professional in that field. All I can do is to encourage her and offer support.
This situation has got a little better as the students know that they have to have the treatment performed on them and have accepted the situation however I have to hear the same things each week. I need to remain understanding and quietly determined to make them participate in the practical sessions. I hope that by the time they move onto the next level they will have matured and will be accepting of the situation.
Patience and understanding remaining strong in the face of student pressure is an important part of encourageing the students to push their comfort zones and to become a mature independant learner.

June 06, 2007


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

Study Skills.
This has also been a steep learning curve as my experience of learning prior to this course has been my professional qualifications and that was some years ago. At first just understanding what was required for the writen assigments was hard to grasp as the required word count was so few for such a big subject and the more I reserched and read on each subject the more I reaised that what was required needed to be clear and to the point. Having now finished Stage 1 and almost finished the Stage 2 I feel I am able to understand what is required.
The use of the internet and the web has been very benifical if a little problematic but this seems to be sorting its self out now.
I think, as with my peer group, we have all found dedicating the time for study difficult. I have a business to run and other peoples lives would be affected if I did not do this well. I have my part time teaching which I enjoy and get alot out of and my course. To try to fit all this in with family life as well has been a juggleing act and one which has required me to take work on holiday and to work late into the night to get things done, I was determind not to miss deadlines and to get myself organised.
I have found that reading has been a good study aid and because I have my own books I am able to write in the margin or use post it notes to help me ref with in my assigments.
I need to continue to be organised and it would be helpful if the course got off to a quicker start in sept so that I and my peers are not rushing our studies when we need to give more time to supporting our students through their assesments. It would be benifical to me if we could start stage 3 more effectivly than stage 2 was started, this would help with the time management issues at the end of the year which is always time sensitive.


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

ICT Skills.
Well what can I say. What A learning curve. I have never had any formal lessons for this subject and have taught myself to use word and simple spread sheets for work. When I started teaching I quickly realised that using power point presentations was a great way to introduce a new subject to my students as it allowed me to make the class more interactive with the subject. I was able to appeal to all styles of learner this way. I printed off the presentation to give to the students for them to make notes on. I have learnt how to blog and how to send my assignments usinging the blog system. I am so impressed with my self. I think you could call this ‘intrinsic’ learning. I am enjoying finding out about the ICT and its uses.


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/pcetfs/stage_2/assignments/assignment_6

Literacy Skills.
I am working towards my Key Skills level 2 in Literacy. I have sat a diagonstic test and passed with only 4 wornge questions and having gone through these I can see where I made little silly mistakes. I am waiting for my tutor to arrange for me to sit the test. i will let you know how I get one but I would like to get 100% if poss!

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