March 12, 2011

Follow Up For My Note Taking and Speed Reading (A1) Workshop

Follow-up to Note Taking and Speed Reading (A1) from Samantha's blog

Having had a couple of weeks to put the techniques I learnt from the Note taking and Speed Reading workshop I want to reflect back and evaluate how these techniques have aided my learning.

Firstly it is impotant to say that I benefitted greatly from this workshop, learning different ways of taking notes and how to use my time effectivly when reading and note taking from lectures, seminars but also research books.

The primary techinique I took forward was to organise my notes effectivly, and this was my first action point. Another participant in the workshop suggested colour coding and tabbing to keep note oganised and tidy. I took this on board and now have neat, organised and ordered notes which I can look back on during my revision periods.

My second action point was to use techniques of note taking that had been disscussed in the workshop and to apply them to my notes during lectures and seminars. I am now using different colours to highlight areas of the course that I am unsure of and also thematically ordering the lecture to make it easier for writing essays and assessed work later on.

Thridly my third action point was to avoid re-writing my notes in order to make them neat, with my new techniwues I find that my notes are much neater to begin with but I have also spent the time I would have re-writing them on my essays and other assesed work.

This workshop will continue to benefit me throughout my academic learning and most importantly through the exam period next term.

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  1. Han-na Cha

    Sam – nice concluding summary of A1. It sounds like you’ve taken a lot away from this workshop, that it has saved you time with essay writing and your organised notes will make the revision process that much easier.

    when you’re doing your revision, possibly think about using those other notemaking methods to help with condensing your notes as well. Think about what works for you, related to your preferred learning style (VARK)

    Best of luck – oh and you’ve completed all the follow up work to A1 so you can use this towards your WSPA.

    16 Mar 2011, 15:51

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