March 02, 2011

C1 Career Planning

I recently attended the C5 Career Planning workshop and want to review the session in close detail.

My initial understanding on what the session would entail was slightly different to the actual aims and objectives of the workshop. That isn’t to say that I did not gain valuable information about how to begin my career planning it is merely to say that I will take the ideas brought out in the workshop further to tailor to my needs.

Having said that the session gave me some general avenues to follow to research my particular career interest. I also learnt more about how to gain relevant experience and specifically whether the skills I know I possess are right for the career path I have chosen.

At the beginning of the workshop the cycle of career planning was shown, with the start beging to evaluate yourself and your values, then to research into career paths and finally to gain relevant work experience. I think that I was already at the final stage of this cycle and whilst the worksheets on finding out my personal values cemented my initial thoughts on what I am like as a person I did feel as though I needed to focus more on the work experience aspect of my planning stage.

I have to say that I did learn some interesting things about my personality, and the skills set I currently have. Through the worksheets I explored myself and reflected what values I look for in life and what I would look for in a career.

Quite refreshingly I found that the values I have would match my desired career path of the Civil Service and that was quite reassuring.

In terms of action points, I want to continue on my cycle of career planning that was discussed in the workshop. My next stage would be to continue gaining the relevant work experience needed to be able to show my dedication to improving my work experience and to show interest in the career path chosen.

Therefore I want to set myself three action plans:

1.      To apply for work experience that will help me gain relevant skills

2.      To use my work experience effectively and try and gain the most out of it that I can

3.      To research my chosen career path of the Civil Service and gain some commercial awareness towards the government as an institution.

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  1. Sue Johnstone

    Your first blog is comprehensive, although I would be interested to know how the actual content of the workshop did differ from your aims and objectives : this is obviously important in creating effective action plans if there are areas that were not covered for you.
    It is reassuring to see that you did gain some insight into career planning as a result of the workshop – particularly in the area of assessing your own skills and values – as you say, it is important that the skills you possess are right for the career path you have chosen – and it’s also important that you recognise that there may be skills required for a role with the Civil Service that need to be developed in some way. This is where the work experience comes in: targeting this to skills that may need some development.
    I also recognise that you feel you are currently positioned at the end of the career planning cycle – which is commendable, but as the workshop is aimed at those students who are just at the beginning of their career planning process, this may be the reason behind you finding some of the content less helpful.
    Your action planning looks good – the areas you wish to pursue are realistic, but maybe you could look at a SMART approach to your objectives – when will you know you have achieved your objectives, and in what timescale do you plan to work on them? How will you gain work experience and how will you improve your commercial awareness?

    14 Mar 2011, 09:49

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