January 20, 2011

An Introduction to My Skills Development and Warwick Skills Development

On attending the “An Introduction to Skills Development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio” workshop I gained an insight into my learning styles and how to use my learning style to aid my skills development. I learnt that through reflection and evaluation you can assess how yourself and others respond to a certain situation in both academic and “real life” circumstances. I also explored what skills I already excel in and which skills I can develop over the following two terms to improve my employability and overall skills portfolio. In review, I found that I have already attain skills in leadership, time-management, planning and prioritising and these complimented my theorist and reflective learning styles. Yet there were four key areas which I have highlighted to work on and develop over the coming weeks.

Below is my action plan for my skills development:

1. My first key skill which I wish to develop is my assertiveness and communication. Currently I find it hard to bring my opinions and viewpoints forward in seminars and have the confidence to voice my research and ideas. To begin my process I will firstly attend the Undergraduates - Effective Seminar Participation (P5). By attending this I hope to gain pointers in how to organise my thoughts and communicate them effectively and confidently to others. To measure my progress I will try and participate more in seminars and put more points forward week after week.

2. Secondly I wish to improve on my academic writing. Primarily to gain good marks in my degree but also to learn how to structure and articulate my research through the media of an academic essay. To do this I will attend the A3 Academic Writing for Arts and Social Science students. I will also go to my tutors to get more specific feedback on my own essays and find ways to improve. I hope to see the advantages of this action plan reflected in my essay marks.

3. For my third action point I want to make it more specific to improving skills that will help me in my future after I graduate from Warwick and begin to look for a job. Therefore I want to work on gaining knowledge about how organisations work and commercial awareness. As I am keen to go into the government, in particular the area of national security, I will focus my research in that area. I will conduct research online as well as find out about work experience or internships that will help me explore the field of the civil service in more detail.

4. Finally, for my final area of skills development I will work on my general self-awareness. In the CORE Skills Portfolio workshop I learnt that to reflect upon my experiences can lead to personal growth and development. I want to take moments through these next two terms to pause and reflect on my experiences. This blog will help me to do this with my skills development but I also want to try and reflect on more “life experiences”. I hope to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and break out of my daily routine to have more spontaneous and exciting experiences. Not only will I approach a positive “yea” attitude to life but I shall try and meet new people and try new things.

Over the next two terms I will work by the idea of Plan, Do, Review and Evaluate.

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