September 16, 2004


I believe that throughout my last degree i spent time learning in both styles. I found that at the beginning of the course i was surface learning and just skimming the information and not always having a full understanding. Towards exam time i would try to get right to the bottom of a subject and have a full understanding, but because i hadn't done this from the start, i didn't ever have a reasonable understanding of all the subjects i was expert in some and clueless about others. i'm definately hoping to change this and keep on top of things this time round.

September 13, 2004

First Day!

What a busy day! Halls for the week seem fine(Crayfields?), and it was an early start (9.00am!) to get all the paper work sorted. I've bought some exciting bits, including a dissection kit, stethoscope etc, and tried out a cafe in the union, yummy…meeting the parents later..people seem friendly too.

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