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February 08, 2016


Writing about web page Leadership MBE, MSc Warwick uni

I have learned today for first time a useful information about leadership directly without lectures notes. I believe that this study environment helps me or other student in new way of learning such as focusing in the conversation with Paul and the students words. Also I learned many leadership behaviour ways in some situations that lead people to the safeland and for sustainable improvement. For example achieving high results through organisation can't be done without an affective leadership that has the ability to reduce time and cost in order to get competitive advantage. However, Leadership may disadvantage for organisation development if he or she was unsuitable for the mission. Also, I learnt how to generate ideas with my team while we were preparing for the presentation and how we analyse and choose our definition for leadership between the 20 definitions that we found in the module. First impression we made of it was that we thought it was hard and we asked ourself how we will do it, but after brainstorming we did it in a better way. It's become interesting for me to see that I will benefit from this subject in my future and in my workplace for sure. And I will try to avoid some leadership behaviour which I found as unacceptable in the exercise today.

October 31, 2015

Learn new things

This is the first time I blogging in my life, I havent got any idea abot it and what it dose. Also I dont know how to access to it and create profile. Also, I did only one presintation in my live 3 years ago in Coventry uni. Now I believe how Paul change me with many skill includes teamwork particibations. I can't imagin it 4 years ago how Im improving now. I read what my colegues written and i find it intresting I feel that I want to write too and i feel sorry that I find out late.

Thanks Paul! And thanks Orfi for your help to understand how I blog.

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