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February 11, 2016

Week 5 / Thursday

I wasnt expacted that intrinsic reward is very important for businesses or leaderships to achieve more thant normal results. I think creating shared goals is not easy that it requires a trust enviorment and approved authorised leadership. I learned that maney important human aspects are interactions each others to contribute the agreed beneift. I was thinking of leadership concepts which are linked to the national cultural dimentions of Hofsted, for example power distance levels as this levels are high in many countries such as in my country is 95% while in the UK 35%. I also think that leadership is about trying to crate a healthy enviornment and strong organisation culture with helping people to understand more about the shared vision, even if this organisation in a high level of power distance region.

Additionally, I learened new things today about my feedbacks from sumia and it was very interesting, as it was like positive advice for me to change and improve, I wasn't expected that level of constructive feedback prior to the activity. I was thinking of the job interview process and how I can use my learnings from today in future, and where possible, in my country where they dont use it often, I hadn't had any of such practices in my previous work except first time when I applied for the job. If I am able to practice the right leadership in my future, I will be able to improve my employees working condition because I will be one the rare ones to do it in my country's public sector.

Also, I enjoyed the meeting simulation and the way we interacted in class, the class and the learning enviorment geeting more fun.

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