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June 09, 2016

KBAM last meeting with team work

I think the first concern for any business is to identify the insufficient knowledge for its people. This identification is important to help the organisation planner to start forecasting toward solving the problems.

The second question is about the next step in the business and addresses issues related to ‘how to improve the knowledge?’. These two questions can be used not only for business, but they can be used for everything in general ‘what knowledge I need and how do I get it?'.

When Paul said that next year there will be no marks for the students, he created trust culture bond between students. In my opinion, it will be less pressure and less load of work. This could be an effective approach of the course as there will be more open ideas, and more suitable environment for innovation and creative thinking in the class and outside of it. For example, in PMAs, students will not feel pressured to write something that they would not necessarily believe in, but that would be more suitable for a higher mark, so this will encourage people to write in a more creative way and to write about something they strongly support and believe in.

What reflection and how people do it without marks? I think that people love to do something and find the reward soon. If no marks, so intrinsic reward needs to be identified and be used. I suggest that Paul read the blogs and make it interesting by speak about the ideas that were done by the students. And looking to link good reflection ideas to improve the learning environment for the student. Same what he did with Orfi and Mac in Leadership Excellence model. This will make students think what good ideas to write in every blog.

In the first of last team meeting I didn’t know which slide I will present but at least I have understood Knowledge management because I read about it from model, case studies and I saw it in YouTube. I learned many things about Knowledge, assets and the integration process; for example, I wasn’t clearly distinguishing between data and information or knowledge and wisdom. There are basic things that I need to know before start knowledge management’s plan ‘I think.’ How organization can excess to employees mind and capture the tacit knowledge to write it down and make it explicit knowledge and for free to all other employees.

Is the employee who have the tacit knowledge would be happy? Is this can affect his carrier path or how he trust other people to give them the knowledge. How other employee will understand his knowledge? And other many questions the organisation needs to solve it because it is bad for knowledge to be gone with any employee gone from the organisation. Or how the organisation will develop tacit knowledge without identifying it?

Many interesting ideas I gain from this presentation that help me in my future workplace, it makes me think to go to work not for just money or prestige, but to grow my own knowledge as well by sharing ideas same of WMG culture. Orfi said he don’t come here to learn from student! But even the lecturers may don’t know all things that the students know! The aim is to create culture that everyone contribute and add value for the task by his knowledge and shown other team members why this would be valuable.

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