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July 06, 2016

KBMA knowledge management

Its intresting that knowledge managment work to gether with H&S strategy process. As improving H&S awearness could be done by knowledge managment tools. Jnowledge is everything in organisation's assets, its untengable things need to be used to produce all tangible goods.

knowledge managment is about not only sharing knowledge between employees, but the important thing is that knowledge will owned by the organaisatin. The organisation analysis this knowlege to solve its problems and to develop training program to be sure that target employees will understand it. This process will provide the sustainablilty for the organisation growth.

Many small businesses focus to get good profisional people and when the experts gone the also knowledge gone, and may affect business activities. Also, some employees dont like ti share them ideas to insure their careers, but for this reson the organisation need to creat trust culture and share goals with all people.

I believe that this is the right way for everyone need to work with this practices if he aim to get super growth organisation.


I was doing my PMA recently and I chose health and safety, because everyone care about their and other's health more than care about money or rewards. Everybody is looking for working in a safe environment that may make people happier and more productive and innovative. While I search about H&S in the UK I found the Institution of Occupation Safety and Health (IOSH) in the UK paper and it was helpful for general information about employees and employers responsibility.

Also, other researchers for H&S as they collect information from front employees by self-assessment surveys and thus helps them to identify the gaps and areas to improve. This PMA makes me more aware of many areas in H&S to consider in my future workplace and also to ask for improving H&S if there is any area that needs to be improved. 

Modern socity such as in the UK tends to care more about H&S than other countries such as Kuwait as they provide strategies and strong laws for improving H&S. I'm thinking of the gap of understang H&S between different communities. Health is not something that can be ignored, it is everyone's responsibility to shape the knowledge for having a better life for humanity.

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