October 19, 2006

NOT liking fire drills

i like living at warwick… after 3 weeks of being here, everytime i go back to lakeside, it actaully feels like aaaahhh im home!! but obviously… the awful fire drill… i think every single hall had already had their’s EXCEPT lakeside… and today was our turn to suffer…. 7 in the god dam morning they ring this AWFUL shrill bell and your forced to get out of bed run down JUST incase theirs a real fire, in absolutely nothing worn, proabably barefoot and freezzzinnng… and hell … you get there … and it’s RAINING… phenomenal way to start a day wouldn’t you say? plus it’s a bloody ridiculous exercise considering we only got out of the building and stood around with no real direction…bloody bad morning…

October 10, 2006

Warm Fuzzy

Found this on another blog…absolutely love it! It’s one of those things, that just gives you a reason to smile…BIG SMILE

Some of me

Welcome to my world.

I’m Sabah Arenja, biologically 21. I look about 17, underage for voting, drinking, movies and a lot of the good things of life, in general.
me :)
I’m from Mumbai, India, love the sun, and am yet to adjust to English weather. I love food with a passion, sneeze atleast 20 times a day, need colours around me and am relatively opinionated. I’m addicted to 24, rubbish-reading, and talking, but I’m pretty good with the vices. I used to want to be the Prime Minister, but I figured it was a life of wealth, power and of course, corruption so the dreams had to change.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Management Studies and hope to have an MA in International Design and Communication by the end of next year. It’s an interesting course really, though I’ve only been at it 2 weeks. I think it pretty much boils down to focusing on the ultimate communication of anything, a graffitti scribble to the the most award winning advertisment. If I have to work at this point, I think I’d love to design a bookcover or maybe do a magazine supplement. Or maybe, a brochure for the flea market. The list is endless, really.

My ultimate goal? One day, when I’m a bit smarter, have a lot more money, and look about, say, 8 yrs older, maybe I’ll have my own magazine! They say you should dream big…there can’t be no harm in that can there?

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