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March 29, 2006

At least I didn't get BORED!

For those of you that don't know, I've been working at a school in Coventry for the past three weeks and I feel that I have a responsibility to pass on some of my experiences to the general public so that they can fully appreciate the good work that our government is doing with the schools on their 'Special Measures' list. I won't name and shame the school out of respect for those associated with it and also because I know it is not a singular case.

Ok, just a quick calendar of events throughout the 3 weeks:

Monday 13th March: The Students' handbook called it 'shadowing' the pupils called it 'stalking'. Someone also took pretty good aim at me with a basket ball.
Tuesday 14th March: Pupils locked a teacher in a classroom
Wednesday 15th March: One pupil decided he wanted to wee in the main hall…
Thursday 16th March: My partner was told she was a silly b* * * * by a 14 yr old.
Friday 17th March: One of the teachers dressed up as a viking for a class that was studying Beowulf, which is all fine, until we realised that he actually IS a viking and goes boar–hunting (axe and all) at the weekends…

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Brief return to reality!

Monday 20th March: My first lesson…ok, how about we don't go there, yeh?
Tuesday 21st March: A pupil threw an orange at a teacher and was suspended for a day because of it.
Wednesday 22nd March: Some boys tried to get in the taxi with me, then stood in front of it so the driver couldn't move off and then kicked the side of the taxi when he feigned a move towards them.
Thursday 23rd March: A girl tried to set an aerosol bottle on fire
Friday 24th March: Boy was told to put his bag on the floor. He didn't follow the instruction and when it was repeated he got annoyed, as you do, so he threw his bag out of the window, again, as you do.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Ahh, so this is what sanity is like?!

Monday 27th March: Was addressed in the following manner by a 13 year old "Miss, I'm taller than you!" and to add insult to injury, WHACKED ROUND THE HEAD WITH HER EXERCISE BOOK! – All for being a bit short?
Tuesday 28th March: Boy got so angry he threw something at a window, which shattered into the corridor below.
Wednesday 29th March: Discovered that Year 9s don't know that 'see' is not actually spelt 'c'

…uff – do I have to finish the week??

If you want to lose weight, hair and good sense, then become a full–time teacher at a school like this one.
If you think you can change the face of teaching, then start with a school like this one.
If this all seems unreal to you…then good.

Allow me to Quote…

This time my 'quote' is from Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne. The 'perplexities' referred to are actually completely irrelevant. Read the book when you've got lots of time and are prepared to concentrate on light-hearted writing…. yeh, precisely…

'What these perplexities of my uncle Toby were, – 'tis impossible for you to guess; – If you could, – I should blush; not as a relation, – not as a man, – nor even as a woman, – but I should blush as an author; inasmuch as I set no small store by myself upon this very account, that my reader has never yet been able to guess at anything. And in this, Sir, I am of so nice and singular a humour, that if I thought you was able to form the least judgment or probable conjecture to yourself, of what was to come in the next page, – I would tear it out of my book'

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