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June 10, 2012

maintenance upon knowledge

Maintenance is an essential component in business management. Businessmen always want to well utilize the asset on hand and to create the maximum value for them. However, it is unrealistic to use the old-fashioned equipments for a long time. Thus, properly planning the maintenance schedule is necessary in business running. Furthermore, maintenance should not be executed under the problems indeed occurring. The mangers have to proactively take care of the assets and to allocate sufficient resource in charge of these works. It is combinable to knowledge management. Based on this concept, the maintenance will be more objective. Utilizing the knowledge creates efficient strategies. According to clear targets, the maintenance plans will be more precisely meeting the common goal. Vice versa, knowledge should be well maintained by the employees. The knowledge should be replaced as the same as aging machines. The winners are to those people who well maintain their own assets. Knowledge is part of these precious assets.

June 09, 2012

knowledge contest

Knowledge is inseparable from the modern business. Basically, globalization has brought the new opportunities to the marketplace. Thus, the entrepreneurs have to realize the demands around the world and further to customize the suitable service to some specific regions. It doesn’t make sense to treat the customers from different countries with the same approach. It is as the same as facing new competitors. Challenges are always coming along with the opportunities. Managers should get used to take the new challenges in modern competition. That is also the reason why continuous improvement becomes necessary nowadays. When new competitors come to new markets, they always got fully prepared for all kinds of tasks. In order to take the market share, countless market researches were made by their employees. Therefore, no one will neglect the importance of knowledge. No matter it’s new challenger or the top in the business. Knowledge is crucial part in this fierce contest.

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