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March 04, 2012

lead changes

Leadership always needs courage to make some changes. Rather than simply waiting for chances, leader had better to change the situation proactively. I read some article about the comparison between transaction and transition leaders this week. Many researches intended that the former type of leader is much willing to pay more attention on each individual and to take care about his/ her improvement. Sometime, they are much more willing to lead the modification in the organization.

We always read the stories about the enterprise just staying in their position without noticing the change around the world. Kodak is an ordinary example for this kind of story. It once had been equal to film. Now it has to face the destiny of bankruptcy. Therefore, business owners have always to be aware the change around the world. This is beneficial to keep the competitive on the market and also helpful to make long-term prospection for the enterprise. The result is heavily relying on the leadership. It is not only keeps competitive currently but also leads proper changes to fit the world.

SW for RDM

In this week, we were introduced several methods to make decisions. I’m studying SMART and AHP on the weekend. Unavoidably, these two methods access with some math techniques especially AHP. I spent some time on remembering eigenvectors. Although it is not easy to access these skills into the problems, the most difficult thing is how to make the consensus within the group. Everyone is supposed considering in various aspects, so it is not easy making agreements on these items.

Honestly, the task is much more difficult than my original thought. At the first beginning, I thought that we just make several decisions and help the company to be competitive. After two days lectures, there are great amount of ideas emerging in my mind. In other words, many ideas might have potential risk to induce biased decisions. Even though group work seems easily making unbiased agreement, it still has high opportunities that we missed some essential clues or information in decision making process. We are going to discuss the presentation in the coming week. Hopefully, we can achieve the consensus with minimum biased thought.

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