March 04, 2012

SW for RDM

In this week, we were introduced several methods to make decisions. I’m studying SMART and AHP on the weekend. Unavoidably, these two methods access with some math techniques especially AHP. I spent some time on remembering eigenvectors. Although it is not easy to access these skills into the problems, the most difficult thing is how to make the consensus within the group. Everyone is supposed considering in various aspects, so it is not easy making agreements on these items.

Honestly, the task is much more difficult than my original thought. At the first beginning, I thought that we just make several decisions and help the company to be competitive. After two days lectures, there are great amount of ideas emerging in my mind. In other words, many ideas might have potential risk to induce biased decisions. Even though group work seems easily making unbiased agreement, it still has high opportunities that we missed some essential clues or information in decision making process. We are going to discuss the presentation in the coming week. Hopefully, we can achieve the consensus with minimum biased thought.

February 12, 2012

module review

Reviewing this module, I was impressive in the first class about building tower this week. Each leader drew his/ her personality and I got autocratic type which was totally out of my image. At the first beginning, I tried to pretend autocratic leader, but I gave up this role just after 3mins from start. Honestly, I was completely lost in the game. I didn’t know how to lead a team and even more how to build a tall/ attractive tower within short time. Nevertheless, my teammates lost their chance to cooperate with an autocratic leader, but we still had fun in this process. After this simulation, my teammates encouraged my performance and highlighted many advantages in my role.

At least, I learned that it is not easy to be an autocratic leader. The autocratic leader is supposed to be fully confident in his/ her decision. Even though I just need to pretend this role for 30mins, I feel very difficult to persuade my teammates without confidence. Additionally, I can’t complete the task without support from my members. Although I got a little frustrated in being a leader, my teammates were fully supportive in all the conditions.

Basically, the atmosphere is very positive in this module. Several opportunities make classmates leading in mini-projects or exercises. As Paul mentioned, this is safe environment. I cherished the experience of being a leader. Furthermore, I learned points of leadership and also followership.

February 09, 2012

CSR presentation

Originally, I thought that CSR is only an unrealistic concept in modern societies. Undeniably, majority of companies are created for material benefit, so it is hard to connect those unprofitable affairs with business running. However, through this session, I changed some ideas about CSR. Firstly, CSR has some positive effects to societies and corrects general ideas which business put money as its first priority. Based on benefit to societies, business coined some positive image for the civilians. This might help to hire more outstanding people or attract some employees with similar thought. Furthermore, as Zoe said last week, CSR can create more opportunities for business. Unilever is a very impressive case for promoting CSR. We also learned a lot through preparing this presentation. Although some defects were in these slides, it still brought us to see the different aspects in enterprise.

My personal experience might be a little negative in implementing CSR, because sometime I was asked to do extra work without pay. After this class, I got new recognition about my previous effort and recognized the value of those works. Back to reality, even if those works are very meaningful, honestly, I’m much willing to do some jobs with material parts.

Performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is accessed to evaluate employees’ performance. Through this presentation, I have more realization in this system. Generally, everyone wants to perform well in his/ her job and certainly anticipate some rewards from his/ her achievement.

However, it is complex task to establish the really unbiased system. Supervisor easily has results from the periodic review, but the challenge is how to convince people the fairness of the evaluation. If someone has doubts in this system, the performance appraisal is hardly to sustain for a long time. Based on our conclusion, it’s almost impossible to eliminate preconception in any organization. Thus, companies should try to seek all kinds of approaches and to keep the balance within the performance appraisal system. According to the evaluation, managers can make reliable judgment to encourage all the employees’ improvement.

Besides, I am very appreciating that the teammates give me the chance being a leader in this mini project. Honestly, I’m not qualified leader in this mini project, because I think that my teammates did much more effort than me. Due to their hard work, I feel much confident to complete this job. Thank for this precious experience and my excellent teammates.

February 01, 2012

stereotype of leaders

Yesterday, we mentioned about stereotype of leaders. Obviously, everyone is easy persuaded by others’ outfit. It is hard to image the chairman without formal dress while sitting in the meeting room. Personally, I believed that the first impression plays a vital role for attending some occasions.

However, being a leader should follow the stereotype or challenge this ordinary idea? We have seen many examples which demonstrating their leadership without material stuff. The personality is the reason why we recognized they are extraordinary. In other words, the internal characters are much more important than those equipments. I’m forward to seeing the leadership in the following weeks. Hopefully, I would have chance to realize more about this abstract concept.

January 30, 2012

leadership introduction

Paul addressed we are in safe environment again. In this safe circumstance, we are going to simulate leadership in the coming weeks. Based on leadership, team leaders will be trusted by the other members even though he is not given the position power. As result of leadership, team leader has chance to motivate colleagues’ potential. Therefore, efficiency can be expected on their works. However, it is a critical task to learn how to share the vision with colleagues. Furthermore, managers have to establish the trust which the target is achievable.

We took a trial for selecting leader and deputy for a life boat. After demonstrating the result, we got some discussion in the class. Although I was a little bit surprised at the different results under the same condition, I indeed enjoyed listening to different opinions from the colleagues. If we are aiming at the leader position, we cannot avoid similar discussion happening. That's reminding me 'understand before being understood'. Listening is the first lesson of leadership. Personally, the introduction was interesting to me. Hopefully, these characters will be further investigated in the near future.

November 28, 2011

Learning from the first PMA

Although I finished my first draft PMA for CBE one week ago, I still spent a lot of time on fixing it. I felt unsatisfied with my writing whenever checking it. There were always some paragraphs incomplete and some grammar errors in my assignment.

However, some experience was gotten from this assignment. The first of all is time arrangement. Honestly, I didn’t think that I did it well for this PMA schedule. Some plans were already made but were not practiced. This largely affected the works afterward. Based on this experience, I knew how to adjust my schedule, and how to set proper plans even if some unpredictable events happened. Then, my thought became more logical than previous. I didn’t think that I was getting smart after finishing this assignment. Yet, I started to link the relation between the specified topic and some other stuff. Actually, I was not sure that was useful or not, but I was more interested in realizing unknown subjects. If I could keep the enthusiasm about the future learning, I would benefit a lot from the coming year. I was glad to finish my first PMA, and I was looking forward to taking more challenges in this program.

November 18, 2011

helicopters brought us away from chaos

Yesterday, it’s exhausting but very fulfilling day. Calculation was filled with the whole day class. Graeme taught how to analyze and to notice the correlation between each item. In the afternoon, we enjoyed making helicopters base on several factors. Although it was a little bit like experiments in primary school, we focused on statistics which made the experiments very meaningful.

In the past, I didn’t pay attention on the past results but took as many trials as I could within short time. I cared about nothing on how to improve the current results but just thought a lot of methods to have different outcomes. Although it was accumulating very much experience base on each trial, it indeed consumed a lot of time. According to this module, I learned how to make the process efficient and how to stress the important factors in a few trials. It is appreciating this module which inspired me the importance of statistics. These figures would bring me to organize the systems more efficiently and definitively lead us away from chaos.

November 16, 2011


I learned a complete manufacturing process in class. At the couple days ago, we were arranged in two teams. We all tried hard to lower down the process cost, and to make the process more efficient. The negotiation was very smoothly and then some treasure experience was learned from several times simulations.

Today, an exciting competition was the starter for class. Afterward, Graeme led us to analyze the figure. Six sigma was realized through practical figures. Honestly, in my previous experience, I didn’t know anything about six sigma and didn’t believe any benefits from the previous statistics. As an engineer, I believed that every experiment was independent, so a lot of trials didn’t guarantee the next success. Indeed, practice would probably speed up the process. However, that’s only related to speed but not accuracy. In class, I had some new ideas about six sigma and stable process. I am forward to seeing more changes in this year.

October 28, 2011

Comparison of excellence models

When I looking for these excellence models, I always thought which excellence models can guarantee the best performance, or which models could meet all the targets for all the industries, if not, how could they call ‘excellence’? After reading some material, I knew how ridiculous of my thought. This presentation, all of us tried to look for as much data as we can and to compare strengths/ weaknesses among these models.

In my own view, Deming’s points were the most special one among them, because they were established in a particular time period. I thought that would probably the best illustrations for examining those points after World War II. One of the summaries was the most impressive; many researchers don’t know how were Japan’s products so successful because those researcheres don’t have enough knowledge about Japan.

As the same as model selection, we applied each model to business. Based on some statics, targets, or current status, we must have enough information to support our decisions. I indeed learned a lot from those models, not only the information which models provided to me but also seeking processes. An important task is trying to search the most relevant data and using data to support your idea. I believed, this experience will help me to proceed my studying in coming year.

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