June 10, 2012

maintenance upon knowledge

Maintenance is an essential component in business management. Businessmen always want to well utilize the asset on hand and to create the maximum value for them. However, it is unrealistic to use the old-fashioned equipments for a long time. Thus, properly planning the maintenance schedule is necessary in business running. Furthermore, maintenance should not be executed under the problems indeed occurring. The mangers have to proactively take care of the assets and to allocate sufficient resource in charge of these works. It is combinable to knowledge management. Based on this concept, the maintenance will be more objective. Utilizing the knowledge creates efficient strategies. According to clear targets, the maintenance plans will be more precisely meeting the common goal. Vice versa, knowledge should be well maintained by the employees. The knowledge should be replaced as the same as aging machines. The winners are to those people who well maintain their own assets. Knowledge is part of these precious assets.

June 09, 2012

knowledge contest

Knowledge is inseparable from the modern business. Basically, globalization has brought the new opportunities to the marketplace. Thus, the entrepreneurs have to realize the demands around the world and further to customize the suitable service to some specific regions. It doesn’t make sense to treat the customers from different countries with the same approach. It is as the same as facing new competitors. Challenges are always coming along with the opportunities. Managers should get used to take the new challenges in modern competition. That is also the reason why continuous improvement becomes necessary nowadays. When new competitors come to new markets, they always got fully prepared for all kinds of tasks. In order to take the market share, countless market researches were made by their employees. Therefore, no one will neglect the importance of knowledge. No matter it’s new challenger or the top in the business. Knowledge is crucial part in this fierce contest.

April 24, 2012

Evaluation on outsource

Outsource is not a simple task for evaluating before practicing. In my previous thought, the companies always outsource the exhausting tasks to others, so they might have more resource to create the competence in the future. After this seminar, some change happened in my mind. Basically, cost issue is put the high priority in business running. Thus, the managers will save some money on manufacture which is the major part in outsource. However, some burden might be added through some other manners, like tariff, tax, or logistic expense. Also, some regulation in specified regions should be noticed as well. It is hard to image the companies will assign the core competence to others. Therefore, clear target should be clarified in advance. The managers should always have clear idea which part should be reserved. At the end of this discussion, I realize each component in business operating is closely linked together, so business owners should have as much realization as possible before making any decision which might bring potential risk to the business.

April 23, 2012

careless attitude

We discussed lots of content about danger in class today. Through video, we realized that the tragedy is always associating with carelessness. Moreover, there is some situation leading to disasters. The managers should avoid overloading on the duties or make clearly priorities for the employees. Similarly, it is clear that incorrect attitude could contribute to unfortunate results. The supervisor should provide proper training to the members and developing the right attitude toward the works. The excellent business is only creating in safe environment. Thus, the mangers should take the fully responsible for offering reasonable working condition for the workers. Some cases are also discussed within class. Based on these examples, we have clear idea about how to avoid these disasters.

SWOT in daily realizaiton

SWOT is quite often accessed to deal with all kinds circumstances. During writing the assignment, I read many researches about SWOT. It is widely used in business management, strategies making, even education analysis. Inevitably, all decisions are almost related to internal and external factors. Being a manager, it is absolutely responsible for leading the colleagues and achieving common goal. However, critical analysis the overall environment is never an easy task. I believe that SWOT is not only a completed report for illustrating the status. Based on solid realization, the managers will have chance to create better competence for the businesses. Business owners should always notice the dynamic changes in daily lives, and link the opportunities with the companies running. Even though some risk is hard to fully prevent in advance, some preparation is definitely helpful to overcome the tough situation.

April 22, 2012

happy end and decision making

Basically, bias is hard to eliminate in decision processes. Even though great amount of methods is trying to achieve unbiased decision, bias still exists in each decision. I believe that bias is closely relating to humanity. Every individual is trying to acquire some benefits for his/ her own sake. Through decision process, the bias will have chances to be minimized at the end. The teammates will discuss the issue and vote for the final decision openly. Thus, creating efficient communication platform is essential in all the decision processes. Inevitably, some arguments could happen in this kind of process. However, it should be seen a part of discussion. Through exchanging different opinions, some people might be persuaded by others. Associating with some decision techniques, everyone will be glad to see the happy ending and anticipate the best results after executing their choices.

March 23, 2012

proper planning as a leader

Plan might occupy major part in being a successful leader. Currently, I am struggling on my own project and other assignments. Undoubtedly, the project is much difficult and different from the assignments. Although the words just equal to around 4-5 PMA, it is totally dissimilar situation. The project is expected more critical analysis than previous writing. Certainly, that should consider some methodology in the content. Why does this method be applied in the research? How do I guarantee this approach achieving the target? Last but not least, the critical point should be arranged in discussion part. There are so many researches completed in the field in which I am interested. How do I propose distinct viewpoint and find the gap between the previous studying and mine? I think that leaders might be a little similar to this. Planning, choosing, and implementing all the tasks within the limited time, the only thought I should equip with full confidence and face all the challenges. Hopefully, I will complete them all and submit the satisfied results at the end.

March 07, 2012

making better decision through discussion

We put a lot of effort to analyze AHP on group meeting today. Firstly, we try to make the agreement among the options which we are brainstorming. Some analysis is also discussed for benefiting WaveRiders. Just what I said, I like to cooperate with others from different background, because they always bring various ideas to stimulate my thought. Although some disagreement might be happened at discussion, we’re still trying to overcome all of them. One colleague might think totally different priorities with others in deciding the weights of AHP, but we still benefit from each other through communication. The adjustment might be made afterwards for unanimous result. In my opinion, AHP is just a technique to help to make the decision, but the consensus still needs the cooperation among the teammates. I’m forward to seeing the next meeting and realizing more decision process from my partners.

March 05, 2012

sharing information, making decision

It’s our first meeting for PDM and inspired me a lot. I always enjoy cooperating with different teammates from various backgrounds and benefiting from them. On the weekend, I spent much time on studying linear algebra for realizing AHP. However, we understood more about this topic through discussion this morning. Firstly, we discussed the decision process to proceed our presentation. We chose the decision method and then separated into different topic for further studying. My teammate shared a lot of information and helped us to get into detail of our choices. However, I didn’t prepare very well for this discussion and provide less information in this meeting. Yet, based on this discussion, all of us were much familiar with our each technique for helping analysis. Certainly, we also talk about the content which we would like to present. That’s included what kind of material we should present and how we explain the ideas for accomplish this task on Friday. Fortunately, it’s another pleasure experience to work with these partners. Hopefully, we’ll smoothly and sufficiently perform our view at the end.

March 04, 2012

lead changes

Leadership always needs courage to make some changes. Rather than simply waiting for chances, leader had better to change the situation proactively. I read some article about the comparison between transaction and transition leaders this week. Many researches intended that the former type of leader is much willing to pay more attention on each individual and to take care about his/ her improvement. Sometime, they are much more willing to lead the modification in the organization.

We always read the stories about the enterprise just staying in their position without noticing the change around the world. Kodak is an ordinary example for this kind of story. It once had been equal to film. Now it has to face the destiny of bankruptcy. Therefore, business owners have always to be aware the change around the world. This is beneficial to keep the competitive on the market and also helpful to make long-term prospection for the enterprise. The result is heavily relying on the leadership. It is not only keeps competitive currently but also leads proper changes to fit the world.

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