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April 30, 2011

CCT5 Community Cohesion– with feedback


cct4 – EAL pupils


CCT3 Safeguarding students– With feedback


CCT2 Pastoral role


CCT1 Effective teaching– with feedback


Year 8 – Thursday 29 April

Another successful lesson - despite technology failure.

The pupils didn’t quite get as far as the higher end work because the pupils were slightly late arriving, but they all managed to get up to level 5 work and met the first two objectives. They did lots of practice, building their basics right up. They managed to simplify equations and get a decent definition going. This will be extended in the next lesson so that they can do higher level work.

I have never seen that class get through as much work as they did today.

This new lesson structure is really working out for me.

Seating Plan and No Hands Up – Tuesday 26 April – Year 8

I had a very successful year 8 lesson today. I am quite pleased. I managed to implement a lot of what I learnt in the last week of term and had a very good lesson with some strong feedback.

I have introduced a new seating plan, am using the ‘no hands up’ rule and have just overall improved the work they do and the way I teach. All have had massively positive results.

The seating plan was well thought through and everyone now sits in L shapes. Two boys and two girls. I have sat the worst one’s on their own and the whole class has been reshaped. It helped that I asked the class teacher to enforce this as they listened to him a lot more than they would to me. I had put up the seating plan on the door and they all found their seats themselves. 3 out of 23 complained but Sir and I both managed to make it work. All in all they are quite ok with it. It eliminates the amount of choice they have at the start so less time wasted.

The no hands up went down surprisingly well too! I wrote all their names on individual lollipop sticks and whenever I asked a question or wanted answers to questions I would pull out a stick and that pupil would have to answer. At one point when I was going over answers to some questions that were on the board I forgot to pull out the sticks and it was endearing to hear the pupils say “Miss use the sticks!”.

The progress the pupils made was also right on point. They got as far as I wanted, with some pushed towards Level 6 work.

I managed to chunk up the lesson a lot more, with a variety of tasks and slow progression, but it being quite apparently there. Giving the pupils time to go to work and then pulling them back. It was the first time I felt in charge of all them, using the lesson to bring them back in and let them do work on their own. It worked.

I also tried the EXIT TICKET and this was very successful. 


A new start. 

Time to start implementing.

Easter School

I went into school over the Easter for two days to help at Easter School for the year 11 and A Level pupils.

I spent one day with year 11 and one day with a level pupils and it was a lot of fun. The best part was that on the year 11 day, some year 9 and 10s had also come to get extra help and they made massive amounts of progress! This was so amazing to see, as everyone that was in was motivated and extra absorbent!

I ended up working quite a lot with the A Level pupils to just go over things they weren’t sure about. They had a few misconceptions that I worked them through.

One of the most common error was when they were asked to solve trig equations and to find solutions between 0-360d. they didn’t know how many values they were looking for, or how to do it. The CAST method confused them and they couldn’t work with it correctly. I ended up teaching them how to read values off the sine/cosine graphs and they worked with this really well. It made sense to them straight away and linked together concepts that were quite disjoined in their minds.

It was nice to work with those who wanted to learn as opposed to behaviour management – which is what a lot of my lessons have been about so far. I was able to teach something substantial and take pupils from low levels to much higher but just clarifying things for them.

It was really nice as by the end of the two days, the deputy head found me and had written me a letter to thank me for my help. Unnecessary but appreciated all the same.

Directed Study – Details about Year 8


I have labeled all pupils with the alphabet and have given the information i have been presented with about the pupils. 

Still deciding which three pupils I should focus upon. 

I have chosen this class as it is the one that i am learning the most from and the study will probably make the most impact here. 

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