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February 13, 2011

What is a Function???

Let's try and get a good definition of a "Function" going....everybody please feel free to contribute.....

So far I have...

A variable related to another so that for each value assumed by one there is a value determined for the other. The function is the relationship between the two.


A rule which relates two sets together so that there is a unique element in the second set assigned to each element in the first set. 


February 12, 2011

Story–telling day

School had a story-telling day today!! It was SO much fun!!! They had called in local year 6 pupils, mixed them with the year 7s and asked 5 immense artists to come in and work with groups for the whole day. At the start of the day, each group were told a folk story and each group worked on the story in some kind of creative way.

One did African music and dancing, one did painting of massive mural, some were acting, and some were using body language, it was so great! At the end of the day the pupils presented it to everyone and they had a good time.

I got to go round to each group and work with each of them so that was really good. Mixed with a lot of pupils and did some painting and dancing – does beat maths sometimes =D haha good day =D

Last week of uni… =( w/c 7th Feb

It is so weird going from uni to school to uni again. But after this week Block starts and then it is all systems go! I’m really looking forward to it =D

This week flew by really. We had our last day at uni and it was so nice that everybody brought in food and drinks and we all had a big lunch.

Played a lot of games the last day as RwP gave us more interactive ideas. They do require a lot of equipment generally! I’ll try out some of the games as long as it works in my school. Careful planning is what I intend on doing first. 

Behaviour 4 Learning Workshops

An interesting day.

I had an interesting chat with Chris Gittins after one of the sessions today. I’ve had a session with him every one of these days and I’m always talking so I’m sure he recognises me. Or not. Ha. Anyway I was talking to him about how I found the ideals at university slightly different to that of school and how his sessions were actually helping. He said it was good we got experience before learning how to control the behaviour as we would know in what situations certain techniques would work and when they wouldn’t. The one thing he said to me that I found very useful was

“There are so many people in this field and everyone will tell you how to do things. You just need to remember that there are some things you should definitely take on board, and some things you should definitely not.”

Interesting hey…

QTS Skills tests

Passed all my QTS tests now!!!

Week 31st Jan – Serial Placement at my PP2 School

Started my serial placement this week. I was quite nervous. Having looked up the school it didn’t sound easy.

Got there and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The kids are really friendly! I mean there were some serious behaviour and attainment concerns but they were reasonably nice. =) Always a good thing as far as im concerned. Nice school. The mentors made me feel incredibly welcome. We’re using this serial time to get a complete induction to the school. That includes pupil tracking, meeting the SENCO people, the child protection officer, the EAL department, time in department, a session on the use of ICT in the school, everything. This is such a good thing as I get time to get used to the school before starting the manic lesson-planning thing. Just gets everything out of the way doesn’t it. It is going very well for now. Hope this continues!


I do wonder why this kind of session wasn’t offered to us earlier. If not earlier then in more doses.

To me this was an ideal session. Ideas of a very good way to approach the teaching of a topic, discussion of the good and bad parts and general developing of ideas as well as subject knowledge.

I have to admit I was terrified when the questions were given out. Sitting next to some highly talented mathematicians I was sure I would falter. Much to my surprise, I definitely didn’t =D the subject practice I’m doing must be working. One must have more confidence in ones ability!

Also I need to find the perfect definition of a function. Task for the weekend I believe.

Enrichment Project – the project

Warwick Blogs won't let me upload it as yet....

I shall do it from another computer at some point....unless Adam wants to do it =D 

Enrichment Project –the Presentation




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