June 04, 2011

SCT 6 – Week 4 16 / may / 11

Lesson 1

·     Reading and Drawing Pictograms


Pupil A


Pupil B

I came half way through the lesson today but I knew what to do

Pupil C

In this work I did it incorrectly by using different pictures and not having a key showing that (*) = 2 people. =)

Lesson 2

·     Interpreting and Drawing Bar graphs


Pupil A

1. The bars should be the same width and length.

2. There should be a title.

Pupil B

Today’s work was quite easy and I have learnt all the things that make a bar graph accurate.

Pupil C

I can do bar graphs

Lesson 3

·     All students can read Pie-charts (Level 5)

·     Some students can draw Pie-charts (Level 6)


Pupil A

1.    How to do pie-charts

2.    Do more work

Pupil B

I know what makes a pie chart accurate. It shows the amount of different sections represented.

Pupil C

They not very hard but not very easy either. You must use a protractor every time or it wont be correct.

This week was interesting. I focused on making sure that all the pupils brought in pencils and rulers and that was a task in itself. Towards the end of the week, however, I had made progress and was pleased to see that the pupils were stopping me in the corridors to show me their rulers. What also worked well was that I threatened 3 friends of the most notorious pen-forgetter with detentions if the pen-forgetter didn’t bring his equipment. I knew I would have to follow through with this and was ready to, but they had sorted it out before they entered the class and I was pleased.

There is one pupil who missed about 4 weeks of school last term who has now come back into the class and has put me in a bit of a strange position. She comes in and pulls out a reading book, and spends the lesson reading. On one hand I am glad she is at least reading rather than throwing punches (as often happens), but she won’t do any maths. She works only if I stand over her and make her, and the minute I move away she starts reading. It is hard to maintain her as the class does need my help too. Maybe she will improve next week. Pie charts were successfully drawn, with only 3 pupils not managing to draw anything.

The progression of tasks this week moved the pupils on from Level 4 towards Level 6 work and I was pleased to see that the progress was evident.

The questions I was asked in class showed this to me straight away. At the start of the week pupils were easily accepting what I told them and answering questions, by the end they were asking me why and comparing the different methods of representing data. I didn’t have to prompt them much on this, and they themselves were suggesting when each type of graph would be useful. The No Hands Up worked well with this as those who weren’t pushing themselves as much were forced to participate. I felt that this achieved the target I set for myself last week in creating opportunities for pupils to make assertions themselves and me collating this to show the class their own ideas. 

My target:

present a variety of methods to pupils so that they can have a range of techniques to adapt to.

Target for 

Pupil A - to ensure pupil A gives an in depth detail of his 'WILT'

Pupil B - to keep making sure she asks questions and raises her curiosity. 

Pupil C - to make sure class collaboration happens.

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