May 08, 2011

SCT6 – Week 2

Week 2

Lesson 1

·     All know what a term and expression is.

·     Most can collect like terms.

·     Some can expand brackets and collect like terms.


Pupil A


Pupil B

I met all of my objectives today, you can see in my book. I am unsure about expanding brackets it is too long.

Pupil C

1.    Putting brackets in algebra

2.    What an expression and a term is

Lesson 2

·     All can multiply terms on the inside of a bracket by the number on the outside.

·     Most can understand what it is to expand brackets.

·     Some can expand two brackets and collect like terms.


Pupil A

If number is not in bracket not times just add on the end of the sum.

Pupil B

It seemed really hard at the beginning but it was easy.

5(3a +4) +2(2a +5b +3c) =

15a + 20 +4a + 10b +6c

Pupil C

1.    How to expand brackets

2.    Take away brackets

3.    Key words – Expanding brackets and Equivalent expressions.

Lesson 3

·     All can solve one step linear equations

·     Most can solve two step linear equations


Pupil A

Linear equation is equation of a line.

e.g. x + 12 =24

24 -12 = x

Pupil B

I have achieved all my objectives. It was really easy and a good lesson.

Pupil C

1.    how to solve one step linear equations

2.    sleep less in class

3.    two step linear equations

Three lessons this week. The aim of this week was to build up the class ability to expand brackets and solving equations.

The class made significant progress this week with three quarters of them working on Level 6 questions. Half of the class were able to expand brackets and simplify and towards the end of the week, the top end of the class were able to solve equations involving brackets and like terms. Most have made significant progress on this topic and are able to apply the skills they have picked up over the lessons to work on questions involving expanding brackets and solving equations.

Pupil A sulked during the first lesson of the week and didn’t do much work. He was sent to work with the head of department and appeared to be unwell.

In the second lesson he worked better and appeared more settled. He understands the work and has written explanation notes on the side of his page.

Due to a room change on the last lesson of the week, his routine was disturbed and he didn’t make as much progress as expected. He shouted that he didn’t understand but when prompted to work out the answers he was able to complete it.

Pupil B continued to work very well and ended up teaching her fellows. It was nice to see that she led her peers along with her. She was able to achieve all objectives and reached Level 6 in this topic. She enjoyed the lessons and received a Praise Postcard for the week.

Pupil C also made significant progress and achieved most of the objectives. He understood the concept but was quite slow in his progression as he was getting disturbed by the rest of the class. He worked well in groups and was pleased at his progress.

The rest of the class also reflected this progress.

It helped that mid week there was a Parent’s evening and so a lot of them came in motivated and ready to work towards the end of the week.

Their progress was evident from lesson to lesson due to the way the lessons built up from the previous ones. Every pupil managed to follow the lesson up to the Level 5 part at which point half continued at that pace and others pushed forward. They would explain questions to each other when somebody on their table got stuck.

The use of No Hands Up works well and whomever’s name comes up is forced to answer a question and this shows me that the objectives were achieved.

Next week I hope to get the pupils working more collaboratively and use mini-whiteboards and hopefully either problem solving or computer work.

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  1. Why arn’t you at uni missy?

    20 May 2011, 14:04

  2. Ah Jo I did miss you. Ended up having an interview that day! I wasn’t very well through it and ended up throwing up post teaching. not a good look. Good session? What did I miss?

    27 May 2011, 11:30

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