May 08, 2011

SCT6 – Week 1

Lesson 1

·     All students must be able to work out the value of expressions

·     Most students should be able to draw ‘mapping diagrams’ to illustrate functions.

·     Some students could define key words like expression, function or variable.


Pupil A

if you are told what x is put that instead of the letter. E.g. x add 3 divide by 5 = x + 3 and then divide by 5. It is completely different for 4x +1 = 5

Pupil B

1. In the beginning of the lesson I didn’t understand the value of experations but now I understand

2. I understood today’s lesson

3. unsure about writing down each of the rules in symbolic form.

Pupil C

1. How to put letters instead of numbers in maths

2. To use letters in number machines.

Lesson 2

} All know what a ‘term’ and ‘expression’ is (key words).

} Most can collect like terms.

} Some can collect like terms including negative numbers.


Pupil A

how to do longer like terms. You don’t know what n is.

Pupil B

Today I have learnt how to work out simplifying expressions and to be able to collect like terms

Pupil C

1. To use letters in sums

2. to extend my work a little bit

There were two lessons this week and both went very well.

In the first lesson, the class were able to successfully collect like terms and about three quarters of the class were able to work with negative numbers.

Due to a late start to the lesson the class did not get the chance to consider objective 1. I had wanted a brief discussion about what the key terms could mean and so this is going to be one of the objectives of the first lesson next week.

Assessing the class against the objectives at the end of the lesson by asking them to use their thumbs showed me that there were 3 pupils who weren’t happy with the work they had been asked to do in the first lesson and 3 at the end of the second lesson with two of the pupils the same as the first lesson.

Pupil A made great progress and achieved each of the three objectives for both lessons. He is very happy with sitting on his own and now refuses to get distracted by the others around him. He had TA help for both lessons and this worked very well for him.

Pupil B worked very hard and asked questions about constants within expressions as she was unsure what to do with them. Once it made sense to her she progressed on to the extension work and attempted expanding brackets.

Pupil C also made significant progress and achieved all of the objectives. He breezed through questions once he understood the basics and was able to learn what to do with the negative numbers quite quickly. Expanding brackets next lesson may be too much but he was secure with the work done this week.

See Class book for marking evidence and progression of pupils.

Once pupils were comfortable with like terms in general I moved on to negative like terms and the class grasped this quite quickly. Working at a high Level 4, the class are ready to work with expanding brackets and then simplifying expressions next week.

This week I had tried a new lesson structure and the class has warmed to this very quickly. They enjoy lots of similar questions in chunked parts of the lesson and I find they make great progress when they spend the first 20 minutes working at Level 4.

The second 20 minutes focuses on Level 5 questions and the last 15 minutes is extending them on to Level 6 work. My target is to make sure I keep pushing them in this way and keep my explanations short and simple- with more of an active role for the pupils. 

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