March 29, 2005

Two days of attempted essay writing

I am trying to get the third last of all my essays (during the whole degree) done. Besides that it's seven exams and I can say goodbye to all the academic brainteasing. At least for a while. No, I truly enjoy using my brain. Though, lately it's been more my muscles that I've been using. Even though the essays would never get finished, I can still make more sit ups, what surely is something to achieve as well.

The British weather is miserable and keeps me complaining. I am complaining about a lot of things. Mostly British… Though I told Emma not to complain but to see wierd, utterly non-understandable stuff as a different, rather than a poorer, way of handling life. I am so hypocratic…

Even worse, I must be becoming an adult. Firstly Emma told me all my new clothes were aunty-style and secondly yesterday for the first time in my life I explored the world of mortgages. That is scary…

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