January 19, 2005

Frog Joke

A frog goes into a bank in search of a loan. He approaches Patricia Wack who deals with the loans in this particular bank and says "Hi, I'd like a £10,000 loan as I am doing some home improvements and need some help financing them." Patricia is a little bemused, as it is a frog asking for a loan, but she is a polite lady and so continues with the usual procedure: "We will need some form of collateral in order to issue you with a loan" The frog replies "I thought you might say that so I have brought something with me" and hands Patricia a small, pink, shiny china elephant (the likes of which you might find at a jumble sale). Patricia's bemusement grows: "I'm not sure that we can accept this, do you have any other form of collateral?" The frog appears mildly frustrated: "Come on, my father is Mick Jagger and all I only want a £10,000 loan." So Patricia excuses herself and goes in search of the manager, when she finds him she explains the rather bizarre occurrences: "There's this frog asking me for a loan and he's given me this small, shiny, pink elephant as collateral – what am I supposed to do!?!" To this the manager replies: "It's a nick nack, Patty Wack. Give the frog a loan. His old man's a rolling stone."

(I think this may lose something in being written down)

October 27, 2004

The Delays

To make good use of my last free Wednesday morning this term I decided to spend Tuesday night at the Union watching the Delays. Although I had been told many good things about this band I had not heard any of their music. There were two supporting bands; the first was Pellumair who were fairly but as I dont remember them very much I can only presume that they werent amazing; the second was HAL who I thought were very impressive an I would happily have paid to see them play as the main band. Their sound was musical and not overly polished, I thought that the lead singer had a good voice and the band harmonised well. And onto the titling band: The Delays…I was impressed, I would say that they are one of the best bands that I have been to see. The lead singer was energetic with an fantastic voice although I can only speculate how he managed to sing at such a high pitch. There was an odd member of the band who spent a large proportion of their songs wondering around the stage, which was somewhat weird and although I'm sure he adds something to the group musically he was entertaining most of the time.

I would definitely recommend any indie/rock fanatics to go and see them at any opportunity.

Singing in your room

So I've had a long day (not helped to the not so fantastic bus service) and want nothing more than to chill in my room and sing along to some decent music. But then my housemates are in the next room and they might hear me. Why is it so embarrassing? Is it because I'm really awful. Is it because I dont want them to think I'm awful. But then does it really matter if my housemates think I'm a bad singer; they surely wont be bothered. There seems no real reason for it to be embarrassing but yet I'm certain that it is. As soon as I think that someone is within hearing range my throat becomes tighter and so my singing worsens. So the embarrassment makes my singing worse and therefore increases the embarrassment…and there we have it I am stuck in the endless embarrassment cycle and the only option is to break the cycle and keep quiet.
But then didnt I want to sing.

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