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September 10, 2011

Call for Papers for the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender Seminar Series

We recently extended the deadline for the below call for papers, so you now have until Thursday next week (the 15th) to submit an abstract. The seminar series is a friendly environment in which postgraduate students may discuss their research with others, and I thoroughly recommend it!

Call for Papers for the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender Seminar Series

DEADLINE: September 15th, 2011

The Centre for the Study of Women and Gender at the University of Warwick would like to invite postgraduate students from any institution working in the field to present at the Graduate Student Seminar Series for the coming academic year 2011/2012. We welcome submissions from a number of disciplines on any gender related topic. As well as welcoming conventional papers, we also encourage innovative and creative methods of presentation (such as the use of visual or more interactive materials, for example).

The annual Graduate Seminar Series provides a friendly, informal setting for graduate students to give presentations and exchange ideas relating to women and gender studies. Seminars aim to be interactive, and at each meeting students present for twenty minutes each on a topic of their choice, followed by a question-answer session and general discussion. Attendance is open to everyone, both faculty members and students, within and outside the university. Seminars will take place on two or three Wednesdays per term at 5pm (dates TBC).

The goals of the seminar series:

  • To provide a safe and comfortable venue for students to present their research, to fine-tune conference presentations/possible publications or to simply get used to the idea of speaking in front of a group.
  • To encourage everyone to get together informally to learn about what the student community in the UK are working on in relation to gender/feminist studies.

This centre is interdisciplinary and draws its membership from across the university. It aims to provide a focus for research and teaching on women and gender in the university and to facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research in the area of women’s and gender studies. Women’s and gender studies has been established for around twenty years at Warwick; the Centre itself was established in 1993 and in the summer of 2002 it became a research centre based in the Department of Sociology. For more information about the Centre please visit:

Abstracts should be:

  • Maximum 200 words
  • Submitted along with a brief biography of the author; including their institution and department, and research interests.
  • Submitted by September 15th, 2011
  • Email abstracts to Donna Greene:

August 09, 2011

How to work whilst London burns?

I've been following the news quite heavily since the weekend and obsessively since last night as riots break out across England. I have many friends in London and Birmingham and am concerned for their safety. I'm a shamelessly political individual and have strong views on the way our country is run, but regardless of blame (and I'm very much inclined to blame certain authorities and social institutions for this mess as well as the morons running around setting fires to people's home) the whole sitution is just plain disturbing.

>>>Read more at PhD Life.

July 26, 2011

Research in the sun

We've had some beautiful weather during the past few days as the sun finally (re)appeared. At such times I'm increasingly tempted to simply wander onto a welcoming patch of grass and work from my laptop for a while.

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July 07, 2011

Residual Guilt

I've got this theory that guilt is a key driving force for many PhDs.NO

This is hardly an original theory. If I was to conduct a thorough literature review I'd no doubt be citing innumerable personal accounts (and of course a large number of strips from PhD Comics) that bemoan the impact of guilt: guilt about not having written enough, guilt about not having read enough, and guilt about being woefully unprepared for the next supervision. However, I'd like to offer a positive spin on the phenomenon of residual guilt.

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July 04, 2011

Welcome to the Research Exchange: A PhD Networking Event

I made a lovely poster over the weekend. If you're a PhD student at Warwick you should totally come to the event it's advertising!

Welcome to the Research Exchange

>>>Join the Facebook event page.

July 02, 2011

The perils of a part–time PhD

I've made friends with a fair number of PhD students from my department who began th eir study at the same time as me. Over the past few months we've shared the excitement (along with occasional paranoia and fear) that comes with the first year of a research degree. However, I increasingly feel somewhat left behind by my peers.

This isn't necessarily due to any great failure to progress on my part; it's more because I'm doing a part-time PhD whilst most of the other research students I know are studying full-time.

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June 21, 2011

Dances With Undergrads

I've been at Warwick for a fair few years now. I took my three-year undergraduate degree here, then returned for my master's degree after a year out. I'm now almost a year into my PhD, having begun immediately following the completion of my master's.

As a sociable sort, I've therefore been involved in numerous studenty activities for many years. I joined a number of student union societies back in 2005 and remain fairly involved in two of them to this day. I increasingly get the impression that I'm seen as a venerable elder from days of yore (or perhaps simply an old fogey) by the many undergraduates who populate these groups: an experience that has got me thinking about divisions that occur between postgraduate and undergraduate students.

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Dances with Wolves

June 14, 2011

What is feminist research?

I've just returned home from a day of interdisciplinary feminism. Two events were held witfeminist symbolh contributions from Karen Barad, Myra Hird and Elizabeth Wilson: visiting researchers who work at a feminist intersection of the physical sciences, arts, humanities and so-called social sciences.

I found their respective presentations fascinating in terms of their breadth and depth, but also frustrating in their opacity. I ultimately found myself questioning the value of describing such research as “feminist”.

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June 07, 2011

Epic Quest for Publication

My name is Ruth, I'm a first year Sociology PhD, and I'm (perhaps foolishly) attempting to get published. Unfortunately, the path to publication seems less clear with every step I take.

>>>Read more at PhD life.

June 06, 2011

My web presence

Greetings, visitor!

I'm Ruth: currently a part-time PhD student at the University of Warwick, but also a writer, activist, promoter and DJ. This blog is an experiment in bringing that all together in one place. I aim to regularly post links to events I'm involved with and articles I've written.

In this opening post, I'll begin with a general summary of my current projects.


My PhD project involves internet-based qualitative research into trans people's experiences of primary health care in the United Kingdom. I am based in the Sociology department. profile.

Wolfson Research Exchange profile.


Rolling Head Promotions

I have organised and numerous gigs and club nights in Coventry, Leamington and Bath. My current projects are "Rock It", a fortnightly hard rock/metal event, and "Killer Queen", an occasional LGBTQ rock/indie night.

Facebook page.

Myspace page.



I am a staff writer for, an online magazine for lesbian and bisexual women. I produce regular news pieces and occasional feature articles.

PhD Life Blog

I blog about being a PhD student at Warwick's PhD Life Blog.

Trans Youth Takes On World

I blog about trans liberation and gender politics at Trans Youth Takes On World.

Freelance DJ

Rock music is my speciality, but I'm capable of adapting to various genres. I've been hired to DJ at LGBT nights, feminist discos, weddings, parties and fundraisers. Notable events have included Reclaim The Night in London, the Women's Aid National Conference in Coventry, NUS Women's Conference in Coventry and Oxford, and Love Music Hate Homophobia in Birmingham, Coventry and Sheffield.


DJing at Reclaim The Night

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