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September 03, 2014

Imagining a trans–inclusive Stonewall

“The meeting actually went pretty well, didn’t it?”

I heard a number of variations upon this statement echo around the pub we gathered in on Saturday evening, as some 40-odd trans activists digested the day’s work. There was an undertone of incredulity: most of us had managed our expectations carefully in advance of the day. This was due in part to the fractious nature of trans communities, but also stemmed from our difficult history with Stonewall.

Back in 2008, many of us had been present at a loud, colourful demonstration outside the Victoria and Albert Museum as it hosted the annual Stonewall awards. We were there to express our displeasure at an organisation that didn’t simply exclude trans people, but seemed to keep making mistakes that caused harm to us.

A lot can happen in six years. Change has come from two directions: from continued external pressure from trans people, but also from a genuine willingness to reconsider matters from Stonewall following a shift in management in February.

>>>Read more at Pink News.

December 16, 2011

Transgender action plan: an initial analysis

Advancing transgender equality: a plan for action” was recently published on the Home Office website. The document is the latest step in a historic programme of trans engagement undertaken by the current government. So, how does it shape up?

>>>Read more at Trans Youth Takes on World.

September 06, 2011

Reclaim the Night to become explicitly trans–inclusive

A rather good article explaining why cis women need to actively oppose transphobia within feminism was published on The F-Word a couple of days ago.

This piece was written by Ray Filar, a member of the steering committee for Reclaim the Night London. The organisers of this annual demonstration against sexist harassment and violence have long maintained a studied ambivalence on the subject of trans inclusion. To my pleasant surprise, the article announced a welcome change in policy.

>>>Read more at Trans Youth Takes On World

August 01, 2011

Is our government fundamentally opposed to political freedoms?

When the current coalition came to power, we were promised a “liberal” government by David Cameron as well as Nick Clegg. The Liberal Democrats and Tory “left” seemed to be offering an almost classical liberal approach entailing individual autonomy in the realms of public, private and economic life.

This philosophy is being used to defend the privatisation of public services, massive public sector cuts and the scrapping of regulations originally designed to protect workers and service users alike. Still, at least this is a government prepared back individual freedoms and roll back the authoritarianism of the Labour years…right…?

>>>Read more at Trans Youth Takes on World.

July 11, 2011

Moulin Rage!

I will be Dmoulin.jpgJing at Moulin Rage! in Brixton, London on Wednesday 27th July.

The event is a night of cabaret, music and activism, with proceeds to Rape Crisis South London.

>>>Moulin Rage! at The Cutlery Drawer blog.

>>>Moulin Rage! event page on Facebook.

If you can't make it, why not support the cause by contributing to the fundraising drive?

June 06, 2011

My web presence

Greetings, visitor!

I'm Ruth: currently a part-time PhD student at the University of Warwick, but also a writer, activist, promoter and DJ. This blog is an experiment in bringing that all together in one place. I aim to regularly post links to events I'm involved with and articles I've written.

In this opening post, I'll begin with a general summary of my current projects.


My PhD project involves internet-based qualitative research into trans people's experiences of primary health care in the United Kingdom. I am based in the Sociology department. profile.

Wolfson Research Exchange profile.


Rolling Head Promotions

I have organised and numerous gigs and club nights in Coventry, Leamington and Bath. My current projects are "Rock It", a fortnightly hard rock/metal event, and "Killer Queen", an occasional LGBTQ rock/indie night.

Facebook page.

Myspace page.



I am a staff writer for, an online magazine for lesbian and bisexual women. I produce regular news pieces and occasional feature articles.

PhD Life Blog

I blog about being a PhD student at Warwick's PhD Life Blog.

Trans Youth Takes On World

I blog about trans liberation and gender politics at Trans Youth Takes On World.

Freelance DJ

Rock music is my speciality, but I'm capable of adapting to various genres. I've been hired to DJ at LGBT nights, feminist discos, weddings, parties and fundraisers. Notable events have included Reclaim The Night in London, the Women's Aid National Conference in Coventry, NUS Women's Conference in Coventry and Oxford, and Love Music Hate Homophobia in Birmingham, Coventry and Sheffield.


DJing at Reclaim The Night

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