October 22, 2008

Walking Poem

Walking Poem                    p



Footfumbles over a s           hill

lead to these tall branches and proud shadows

through a ………….green frame……………

              … ……                     …. ………

there is a …………. blue patch ……………

             ………….                   ……………

a streaked simmering sky that is slowly losing blood

against the fading light

and only the black dot of a bird

scrapes the clean slate.

there is a


over a hollow, through a narrow corridor

with birds alarming against the kissing wind

then out

into the space and l i g h t

the glorious clouds above, the watching woods behind

make a church, a holy space of green and brown

abandoned temple to the sky and birds




along muddy tracks, gold and cream

in stripes across the grey

lit up by the gold eye of the sinking


A cover of soft, gentle grass lollops

under foot, pink leaves fizz in bushes

and the smell of bonfires seeps into the porcelain bird sounds





has its limbs against the white, like a mouth of sharp teeth

cutting and dividing the fake red squares

of distant houses.


andcryandscream into the fr ac tu red air

but you aren’t afraid, beyond is the crest of dark wood

like a held breath

a spiral flock of birds pouuuuuuuurrrrrrssssssss from the north

into the sweeping caramel of evening,

over the woods as if they were no barrier.

A car-------------)))) passes, you slide




to the field, unknown territory and shade.

The canopy is so thick you don’t feel outside,

chopped logs and fallen trees a                          little stream,

soft breathing, soft rushing over the mulch of soft dead leaves.

“Hello!” two ramblers speed bye, rabbits tails flicker

til on your hands and knees

you scrrr rrrrr aaaaa mmmm rrr mmm ccc scrrrraaaammmmm scraaa

scramble back to the road,

circling planes and a

pink sky.

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