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January 01, 2016

Similarities & Differences

The quality management such as TQM, Lean and Six Sigma are different concepts but they seems to be similar aims.

Start with TQM, the academic research shown that TQM is defined as a business process, the aim of which is to leverage the customers satisfaction by limited of the amount of resources. Turn to the next, Lean, this methodology is described as a systemic approach to eliminate the waste, non- value added, in order to improve the streamline production with the customer in pursuit of perfection while the SixSigma is sometimes defined as a project proess that allows the company to gain more their financial outcome by minimise defect product.

All in all, although they are diffent methodologies, the objectives are quite similar. Besides, the company could be used one by one or combined three all so as to strengthen the organozation's competitive.

October 28, 2015

manage STRESS

Tips for managing stress.

Today I am quite stressful over the PMA. I have read for two days but nothing progress so instead of run away trying to manage it.

From my experience, the stess happen quite often when usually I am doing new things.

I therefore, would like to share the tips how to erase the stress. Hope this will be helpful for us during this time.

First, you can just ask yourself what you can do about the sources of your stress, taking action where you can. Second and third are keep a positive, realistic attitude and learn and practice relaxation techniques. And do not forget to manage your time wisely (

Manage stress, manage yourself and manage time.

October 25, 2015

Blog writing=> Q2

Blog writing reflection-advantages

While I'm writing this blog, the question just pop up in my head that "apart from reflecting the ideas from what we have learn..what elses do we get?".. let's look for the answers..

From my point of view, I can see four advantages so far.

1. Academic credit, of course, it is kind of Paul to encourage us.

2. Reflecting, this way help us to put what we have learn to long term memory just like the motto "use it" or "lose it".

Besides, Paul suggested us to do as routine. At first I do believe but eventuallly I have not write everyday as my first intention. This happen for two reasons: first, my poor writing skills, it is quite hard to start writing. Second, LAZY, I just always give myself the excutions - "it will be OK to do tomorrow"- or may be some one call this behavior "PROCRASTINATE". I will try my best to reflect more often after this.

3. Writing skill: I soon realize the more I write the more I am getting better. This will help me to write the PMA and dissertation in the future.

4. Discipline, I find this one is the most challenge since no one command us to do. It's all our own choices.

I will put the writing blog task in the quadrant two ^-^ (important but not urgent) as Stephen R Covey recommended in the 7 habbits book. Unless we face the deadline, for example today, this task moe into quadrant one. T-T

Does anyone see any furthers benefits feel free to share?

7 habbits

Peter Drucker said "Plans are good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work".

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