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February 24, 2016

Are you ready to open?

To become the effective leader I have learn that we should be ready to open.

Starting with open the door, this means welcome any workers to see leaders and have a discussion together.

Open-mind, listen the problem without bias, and welcome any challenges. Besides, be open to any feedback wether it is good or bad, and working on the feedback with the aim to improve.

Open-eyes, in this context I mean, sometimes leader should step back from the current situation in order to see the whole pictures. If we can not find the root cause, then we will end up with just solve the solution day by day.

Open- question, one of caoching skills is how to form the good of the basic rules is asking the open question rather than yes no qustion.

All of these things, im now ready to open... then feel free to leave any comments here.

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