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July 09, 2016

Begin agian

I am now doing both KBAM pma and dissertation, then some how make me think of the first day of studing MBE.

While course leader, Paul begun the class with the word "begin with the end in mind" following by the class "time mangement" and "mind mapping". For me, the quote begin with the end in mind is absolutely clear vision as same as the map, whenver we lost but eventually we will find the way back. The time management is a great example of asset mangement, we all have the same amount of time 24hrs per day, it is our responsibilty to manage just similar with asset mangement. The only one thing that different is the asset management in module is about engineering asset with means physical asset but the application is pretty similar. Another point is knowledge management, for MBE student, what is the main objective?? Personally, it is about "we learn how to learn" since today's knowledge is not merely in classes or either books but much more on the finger tips, then what is the best tools to capture the kowledge, isn't learn how to learn?

tehn, what do you learn?...Your tought?

July 04, 2016

Engineering asset manageemnt

Engineering asset management, it is related to any physcal management. Undoubtedly, without asset how can oorganizatin operate business. Inventory management, i used to work in marketing field with the aim to have enough products to deliver to cutomers; individually, managerial product on hand is one of the most challenges task. The reasons to this, either stock too much or little can definitely casu the company issues. Then, what is the solution?. Coordinate between various department, or just autmatic setting safery stock in the system?. Studying asset manageemnt, i soon realize that perhaps the easy solution just cmmunicate. It did not require much effort but why many organizations seem not to do so.. Yor thought.

June 14, 2016


How to connvert tacit to explicit knowledge?

The key action to transfer tacit to explicit knowledge during studying MBE is to reflection..

I am the one who is totally agree and keep talking about blog but did not much do it.

So my first action should be stop talking about it but do it.

Actually, write a blog is not hard, the harder part is how to cnvert into habit.

The journey to excellence is not easy, but demand high effort and discipline.


Lets do it.. :)

stop talking and keep doing

Situation Awareness

put yourself in their shoes

Situation Awareness.

Technically, what we have learn is that the workshop contains the three majors components: stages, errors and factors.

Stage 1: Gather information:::> i consider this stage as the crucial part since how we can interpret or make decision without information. Furthermore, where the information come from?? Leaders, employees, systems, etc.

How can one create the culture that everyone has the right and feel free to feed the information to table and has a discussion. However, i truely belief that if leaders who have the authority on hand merely see only from thier view, they may not understand the situation. Hence, it is likely to let error happen.

Stage 2: Interpret :::> i think this aspect is about how people manage they own concious, concentration.

Many accidents happen becasue we are not aware what we are doing as the proveb "conciousness is the present".

This means people should always be of what you are doing at all time.

Stage 3: Anticipation error :::> Anticiaption, i think this is the aspect taht indicate the sharp leaders.

I strongly belief that an effective leaders should have the eagle view, anticipate things in advance, especially, the safety for grouup members.

All in all, thanks to Paul to bring this module in class. it seems to farway from business, but actually not purely business benefit but everyday life.

June 12, 2016

Business World vs Academic World

Business World vs Academic World

Studying KBAM module, perhaps the first lesson learn that i gain is the difference and or the similarity between academic and the real business world?.. As the class is designed to apply the real life rules, minimize lecture class but more focus on self and team study. Personally, i am used to have a lecture class to frame my work and my ideas but this is so different since we have to learn how to learn in order to apply in the case which is not much different than the real life. The only one thing that i found the difference is "SAFE ENVIRONMENT" where we can free our ideas and mind to apply knowledge that which we have learnt for the whole year. I wish the business world could be the same academic where we can minimize the balme game but the learning and collaborate among deartment instaed. The reason to this, the knowledge and asset management are often considerred as the journey f improving not the destinatin. If people are faraid to make the mistake because of blaming, it is the pitty that we miss the opportunities to learn the new way of ding thing.

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