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March 28, 2016

Leadership and profound knowledge

The conversed triangle.

The role of leader is to create an environment in which the aims of the organization and individual needs are simultaneously met. Steven covey labelled this behaviours as "win - win" but the organizations today usually get used to with "lose-win". I find it as the challenge for new leaders to make it better...

Another major role of leader is to provide the clear direction, it is also important to make it clear not only word but also perspective.


March 26, 2016

Toxic Leadership

The term " toxic leadership" refers to those individuals who destroy those whom they are responsible for managing to their organizations for personal gain and self-aggrandisement. Most of us would agree to minimize such a toxic leadership but in reality we seem to ignore. The question is raised into my mind "why" ? We cannot identify who is the toxic leadership or we just decide to overlook it. Personally, we often mind only our own benefits not for public.

Are there any tools or tecnique to eliminate such the toxic...?

March 25, 2016

Is the age–gap matter?

At present, transformational leadership has been hailed an important as leaders can induce followers to perform beyond expectation. It can be implied that the major result is from the influencial form leaders. Is then transformational leadership more effective when it is provided by team leaders who are older than team members?? First reading this article I suddenly have the question that if the result is positive then no matter adopted theory it would be work as same as transformational leadership theory. The research result turned out that there is no significant relationship between the age difference and lesdership perrformance. From this i can interpret that acting is more imortant than charateristics.

Is it the good news for new generation to be the leader and keen on applying this theory?

March 24, 2016

Do you believe in the power of 4I to bring brighter future for firms?

In case the company facing the crisis, do you believe the transformational leadership will help?

Transformational Leadership display the fourfold distinct characteristics which has been identified as 4 I :

Individulaised Consideration, leaders who care individual employee as well as their needs.

Intellectual Stimulation, leaders who provide approaches and response for subordinate to challenge their belief eventually, followers develop their own capabilities t solve the facing problems.

Inspirational Motivation, leaders who remain optimistic in time of crisis and act as the role model to inspire people.

Idealised Influence, leaders who convince their subordinate through achieving their full potential. This charater is often described as "ideal".

The research shows the 4I are the key ingredients to the success in organization, do you think this statement is valid?

March 10, 2016

What would you do?

Having read the leadership theory, the book guides that to lead people, leaders should start with expanding their leadereship skills for example, communication skills, setting a direction, inspiring followers and motivational skills. Then, adapt their leadership style to the needs of followers. Give latitude to those who can handle delegation; provide coaching to those whose skills and confidence need a boost; give explicit directions to those who need close supervision. From this, I therefore summarize to one main idea that effective leaders master their action into particular situations. What do you think?

March 09, 2016

Back to the future

Good leaders are future-focused

" Be the change you want to bring about- model you are trying to encourage ".

For the brigther future not only organization but individual, I have traced back the leadership theory. Here is some useful sugestions. Research shows that ,in general, leaders who are effective now and in the futire have learn how to be:

  • future-focused, they create the vision and articulate into their group and stick with it.
  • comfortable with ambiguity, they are willing to take calculated risks.
  • persistent, they can maintain a positive
  • excellent communication, they know how to write cleary, listen actively well negtiate.
  • level-headed, they know how to stay calm in the midst of turmoil.
  • self-aware, they know themself how their own patterns of behavior affect others.
  • caring, they have a demonstrated ability to empathize with other people's needs.
All above, effective leaders are not born with the gift of knowing how to lead rather they gain experience and absorb knowledge they see and listen around them. This tips may be useful foe those who want to be leaders.

March 08, 2016

Where are we going?

Practicing to be a leaders, perhaps it can be started with the purpose, what is the vision? Where are we trying to achieve?.

This sounds so simple, but it is worth spending time think about it. An effective leaders have the clear picture in their mind what they are trying to achieve, so that they can lead the team to achieve the goal. However, if someone always say, "If only they would tell me where we are going, i would know what to do". This simply tell us the speaker is not the leader but the follower who waiting for someone to lead. Then, I soon be aware that the journey of this master, I'm no longer wait for what will bring me, instade I will lead my way trying to reach my goal.

February 26, 2016

Expecting something different then why we keep doing the same?

Leadership is about leading change.

One point that i pick up from the last section in LE class is making change in organization with the aim of improvement.

With the goal to develop company's performance, one thing that we may consider is whether the process is right or need to be fixed. For instance, many companies have set the standard practice, and continuously have been performing. Consequently, the outcome should be quite similar, but when we expect different results. Is it logical to go back to the process, review it, improve it and make change of the process? Organaization, nevetheless, seeem to bear with it. The reasons to this, they are too busy to review the process and make change or they are are too afraid to make change or no one cares enough. Many possible reasons to this, however, for our generation, what we can do diffrent??

Again, it is our choice.

February 25, 2016

Happiness is the choice

Happiness is the choice whether we decide to take it or leave it for later. Some people decide to tide their happiness with the task, for example if i finish my master i will be happy. Asking yourself, will you be really happy in those time or you will have other tasks comes up like, get the job, earn high salary and so on. Why dont we be happy now and enjoy every day? One may say, so what! how this link to leadership?. Personally, i have seen many leaders who are very sucessful in job but not in personal life. The reason to this, they have worked so hard but forget their family and themself. if we want to effective leader in work place then we should also be effective leader in our life as well. it's all our choices.

February 24, 2016

Are you ready to open?

To become the effective leader I have learn that we should be ready to open.

Starting with open the door, this means welcome any workers to see leaders and have a discussion together.

Open-mind, listen the problem without bias, and welcome any challenges. Besides, be open to any feedback wether it is good or bad, and working on the feedback with the aim to improve.

Open-eyes, in this context I mean, sometimes leader should step back from the current situation in order to see the whole pictures. If we can not find the root cause, then we will end up with just solve the solution day by day.

Open- question, one of caoching skills is how to form the good of the basic rules is asking the open question rather than yes no qustion.

All of these things, im now ready to open... then feel free to leave any comments here.

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