February 24, 2016

Are you ready to open?

To become the effective leader I have learn that we should be ready to open.

Starting with open the door, this means welcome any workers to see leaders and have a discussion together.

Open-mind, listen the problem without bias, and welcome any challenges. Besides, be open to any feedback wether it is good or bad, and working on the feedback with the aim to improve.

Open-eyes, in this context I mean, sometimes leader should step back from the current situation in order to see the whole pictures. If we can not find the root cause, then we will end up with just solve the solution day by day.

Open- question, one of caoching skills is how to form the good question..one of the basic rules is asking the open question rather than yes no qustion.

All of these things, im now ready to open... then feel free to leave any comments here.

February 23, 2016

Who are leaders?

Leaders shoud be accessible

If one agree that the main task for leaders is to support team, then one small thing that it shuild be mentioned that Leaders shoud be accessible by making themselves accesssible rather than hiding from the shop floor. Personally, i try to look for many ways to improve my leadersip skills but often forget the small thing that bring the great impact as same as titles.

The next point is not only the CEO, general manger or managers are leaders. Technically, one who is able to contribute the management and be able to influence the team to achieve the goal. Therefore, is it possible to consider this person as the leaders too?

February 18, 2016

Leadership vs followship

To be an effective leader, one needs good follower.

Last week we had an introduction class for Leadership Excellence, i have learn and think about "Leadership".

In one section, we consider that a main challenge for leader is to recognize that followers are different substantialy in

talent and motivation. Nonetheless, i also question about follower. Robert E. Kelley shares four essential qualties of

effective followers: 1. Self-management, it means to think for oneself and to work well without close supervision.

2 Commitment - to commit something beyond themeself. 3. Competence and focus and the last one is Courage

which described as the critical thinker and fight for what they believe is right. After I have read then I soon realized that

perhaps I should start from being the good follower for the MBE class and simultaneously practicing leadership.

February 08, 2016

Lifeboat leader

Lifeboat Leader exercise

Finding the leader and the deputy leader in the crisis situation that is the instruction from the today exercice.

While we did the exercise, we were thinking so hard to find the suitable leader to fit in the given situation. And yet the main lesson learn was not about how to choose the right or wrong person to be a leader. It was, nonetheless about how people expect from leaders. This shown us that people are different and have different motivations, have different expectations. Then with the aim to be an effective leasdership, we should treat them as indiviudals. For myself, this is the turn around thinking since my first understanding is one action should fit for all, but in practical is one action fit to one person.

January 06, 2016

Six Sigma in today's business

Currently, Six Sigma is a combination of the Statistical metric and TQM. The main components of Six Sigma retained from TQM. With Six Sigma, the organization performance is not only quality but availability, reliability, delivery performance and after sales service. In additionally, Six Sigma methodology generally build the structure under which training of employess is formalized. One might argue that this nature may create the hierarchy in an organization. However, instead of rely on only leader, black belt trainer, all employees should involve in activities that impact to customer satisfaction.

January 04, 2016

Analysis Six Sigma

Many experts have positive viewpiont towards Six Sigma, as they believe this strategy help the organization improve their performance. This statement is valid. However, Six Sigma is not majic which any company will always be successful. It is required the good vision from top management, practical and hand on training. Nevetheless, any strategy cannot be success by itself without contribution from people so that the failure occurs when people in organization do not understand and or buy in the concept.

January 03, 2016

Required factors for transformation in OZ

In order to keep company developing, many business strategies have been adopted. However, whenever the failure occurs we normally think that the strategy is wrong. One might think this statement is valid, but numerous people believe that the strategy is often right. The challenge will be how we implement it. Having study, the necessary factors to be sucess in any type of theories might be these elements: the program was seen as the means to achieve the business goals, gain the engagement from all people not only manager but also the front line staff, leaders felt accountable but supported. Training was meaningful for the job in hand. Furthermore, the most important part is people's mindset.

All in all, the real challenge is not the theories that we decide to adopt but the way to adopt is much more important.

January 02, 2016

The machine that changed the world

The impact of the book on the management thinking: The management that changed the world, i find this book is interesting. It is one of the best books by two industrial experts, James Womack and Daniel Jones. Some people believe that the term "Lean" has been worl wide by this book. The book defined Leas as...compared to mass production it uses less of evertything such as human efforts, plant area, tools and working hours. I however, found that the key point is how the management team capture the value of product that will be served the customers' need.

January 01, 2016

Similarities & Differences

The quality management such as TQM, Lean and Six Sigma are different concepts but they seems to be similar aims.

Start with TQM, the academic research shown that TQM is defined as a business process, the aim of which is to leverage the customers satisfaction by limited of the amount of resources. Turn to the next, Lean, this methodology is described as a systemic approach to eliminate the waste, non- value added, in order to improve the streamline production with the customer in pursuit of perfection while the SixSigma is sometimes defined as a project proess that allows the company to gain more their financial outcome by minimise defect product.

All in all, although they are diffent methodologies, the objectives are quite similar. Besides, the company could be used one by one or combined three all so as to strengthen the organozation's competitive.

December 30, 2015

Business improvement approaches

Lean and Six Sigma are business management strategies commonly used in the production industries. Both techniques are originated in the manufacturing businesses. Nevertheless, at present there are numerous studies show these methodologies are applicable applied in services field. One might debate that the purpose of two tecniques are to serve the production stream, but it is also useful for non producing business. The challenge is not how the strategies are created but the organization's applicable skill is much more important.

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