October 12, 2004

The Cave

In case anyone cares why 'The Cave'...

The idea of a cave has been propounded by various anthropologists as both an actual and a metaphorical place of isolation for the male half of the species.

In the days of our early ancestors the men of the group would go out, hunt, and bring back food, and then indulge in a spot of fire-gazing in the cave. That is to say that they would sit around in silence, staring at a fixed point, taking stock of their day. In a way, that's what this is I suppose; a place to take stock and to release the inner thoughts of the day.

The other explanation for the cave is the place that (again) males go to in order to isolate themselves from society in order to work out a specific problem. Once that problem has been solved the male will go back to normal society, but until then he wishes to be left alone to sort out his quandry. Again, that is what this will probably turn out to be; a place to think.

Now that anyone who has bothered to read this far is well and truly bored… I'll finish.

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