July 15, 2005

A Scanner Darkly

3 out of 5 stars

I wrote this review a while ago now, but I've heard recently that its being made into a film with, rumour has it, Keanu Reeves!

Synopsis: Undercover drug cops spy on each other and have to take drugs in order to fit in with the underworld. Twists and further twists ensue.
Well, I always avoided Philip K Dick books for the same reason that I avoid Stephen King books a kernel of a good idea thats told by someone who'll never be among the very best writers and ending up being a rather protracted affair. Thats just my opinion. The result is that you finish the book with the thought that certain elements could have been so much deeper, darker and much more involving.
Redeeming features though are the way that Dick slowly gives the reader some insight into the main character's increasingly dichotic mental state, which I thought was done quite cleverly, and the drug induced coversations, which did make me laugh.
Certain characters do amuse whilst others merely grate.
Having said that though, my housemate loved it.

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