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October 19, 2005

I like you, you don't try and piss in my bedroom!

Well what a compliment for a lady to pay someone, dearest drunk Vicky can be such a sweetheart at times!

So much for my "go to bed early" plan, out the window with that! Although, I suppose in a way I did go to bed early last night; 5am being an early time in the day. But of course, you know me friends, I wasn't going to continue into Wednesday like nothing had ever happened, good god no. Missing Analysis III lecture (and Stars at 9am, yeah right; would have had to be up at 7:30am, 2.5 hours sleep? DONT THINK SO!), I am now sat in my room blogging to the world.

And my intentions for the day? Original plan was to go to Oxford to see DP (Jonathan Dupont, very good school friend of mine and a living legend), but that doesn't look to be happening either; so bring on note copying please!

And why 5am I hear you ask? Well, that was down to Clare, Mrs "I wasn't going out tonight, I was staying in" (who would repeat that same explanation to myself and Luke about every 15 mins, forgetting any and all previous mentionings), who went to Evolve (formerly Mirage for those not in the know, but then again, you probably wont know what Mirage is either – a club) and got rather drunk with the aforementioned Vicky. Not only did Luke and I stay up (well they woke him up, good on you girls), but due to my reaction when they said they were going to get off with each other, wanted me to come get them with Luke. So, back to mine to pick up some cushions (Vicky has a cushion thing going), then back to the girls' place.

Weird evening I grant you, funny, but one thing I wasn't used to: having to control drunk people whilst being sober. They do say Universtiy provides all new experiences, I guess 18th October was a day for one.

Oh, and as for the title, my good friend Luke was a bit intoxicated when he went to Clare's the other day, and drunkely went up into Vicky's room, woke her up, and said he wanted to have a piss. Nice!

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