September 14, 2004


Well, thought I'd give this place a look. Not as nice as Blogger, but at least the colour scheme doesn't remind me of Sainsburys. And that's a good thing, before any of you go and ask.

Hmm…what else? I'm totally unprepared for Uni, I don't seem to have all the required things, such as any accomodation (damn you accomodation people :P), I don't have a readling list, and I haven't given any thought to the kinda things I'm gonna need. Oh well. I can just pretend that I'm being spontaneous, or something, right?

Thats it. See ya.

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  1. Hawym8

    Go Rob enjoy UNI just dont spend all your time blogging. Best of luck.

    14 Sep 2004, 23:05

  2. What do you mean? not as nice as Blogger! – I used Blogger for two months and for half of that I couldn't even access my account as the server was too busy…maybe I was trying to blog at the wrong time!

    If you hadn't guessed I am a Warwick Blogs fan…even if this system doesn't have all the functionality of Blogger at the moment, it is still being developed and already has lots of features that Blogger won't even try to do which will help with your development as a student. I'm now wishing I was a first year all over again so I could use Blogs for real!

    I know what you mean about Sainsburys though – it's quite a popular colour scheme at the moment – check out link that's got the orange look as well!

    15 Sep 2004, 09:55

  3. John Dale

    We're particularly interested in feedback from users who've previously used another blogging tool. If you could say a little bit about what the features of Blogger are that you miss in Warwick Blogs, that would be very helpful for us.

    15 Sep 2004, 13:00

  4. Erm, a file upload tool would be handy, so I can upload a file and have it link to it.

    15 Sep 2004, 21:26

  5. I just remembered something else. It'd be cool to be able to edit the template for the blog. Customise the colours and look of it etc. In blogger that was done my letting you play with the base HTML code. Not particularly user freindly, but handy to have as an option.

    15 Sep 2004, 23:00

  6. Koel

    hey rob, i liked ur first post (well on wrawick blogs anyway), very you! (but i just told u that :P) a warwick blog does seem quite neat but im a leetle too attatched to blogger… iuo… well anyway… stab u there next yr… :P

    15 Sep 2004, 23:05

  7. John Dale

    Thanks for those. File upload is likely to be added, and we certainly intend to let users customise the appearance of their blog, though it probably won't be at the HTML level – more choosing fonts and colours with dialog boxes to tweak one of the preset designs.

    15 Sep 2004, 23:28

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