April 21, 2005


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March 24, 2005


I just wanted to pimp some cool blogs to you crazy kids.

First up, Tony Pierce's guide to blogging. A bit like Dan's guide in that it is funny and cool.


But generally anything on Tony Pierce's blog is ace. Also:


Her blog is amazing and always makes me laguh. Also, for those who want something political.


Also an amazing singer. I suggest you get a hold of some of his stuff from somewhere.

Also, in Raymi's favour, she links to maddox on her blog, and he is cool, no doubt.

OK, we're done. I hope you enjoy some of that crap.

March 23, 2005

Woohoo, waste time :)

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February 06, 2005


Wow, long time no see old blog.

I was thinking today about how I wish I had some artistic ability, its one of those things that crosses my mind every so often. I wish I could write well or draw well, or maybe be able just to read and understand well. I envy anyone who can do that.

I guess it's often easy for us as science students to get up on our high horse a bit and look at the arts students and make casual remarks about thier subjects not being real subjects and how they just waffle on and bullshit about some load of crap, yeh, so we never mean it but its how it seems, but for us having knowledge on our side, they have something more, they have understanding.

Maybe thats a load of bullshit, its not about arts and science, not really, the line isnt that clearly drawn, although in a broad sense there is a line there. I guess I feel like theres a whole load of stuff there that I'm missing, really important stuff, just by not having the ability to understand or comprehend.

"Responses from real readers are much more valuable to me, and I was moved to think that anything I had written could have had so great an impact on you. I donít think anybody (including the professional reviewers) has got anywhere as close as you to understanding what The Orokon is about. (English student or not, you have a truly impressive ability to convey what a book is like, relate it to other books, and say what you think it means!)" — Tom Arden, in reply to an email from my best friend, Koel.

As much as I mock Koel, having that said to you is probably one of the most amazing things ever. I envy her ability to naturally understand things and more than that, I envy that she is so heart-felt and passionate about things, so inpired by the things around her. Thats what it boils down to. Inpiration. Things seem quite shallow and empty right now.

Apparently inspiration is like love, if you try and find it you wont but sometimes it will just come, well, I look forward to that day.

December 18, 2004


Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Although it says that I am blogging 'about' that entry, it'd be more appropriate to say that it ispired me. That and link

So big thanks Josefin and Koel. Oh and thanks to April for letting me say this to you yesterday. Anwyay…

Recently I've been thinking that it's odd how nothing changes. In some ways I suppose thats a good thing. It means all the good things stay the same. Old friends will always be the same. Coming home will always be the same. Things will just always be the same.

While that is a broad generalisation I'm sure that most of you who read this can appreciate that there is some truth in the point. And by similar reasoning you can say that all the crap things stay the same, and in my experience this has been true. Coming home has it good point and its bad point, all of which are the same as when I left.

But that isn't the point of this blog. I didn't come here to moan about home. I came here to pose a question.

Is it possible to change your attitudes?

At first it seems almost trivial, yes, of course you can change your attitudes, but stop and think about it. Lets try and give a situation without being explicit with the details, lets say that you have a certain attitude attitute towards a certain group of people. You know that you have this attitute but you don't like it. What can you do? Well, I suppose you could make a conscious effort not to take the attitute you didn't like and eventually you'd become acostomed to your new attitude and everything would be fine.

Too easy, hey? So lets complicate matters, lets say that most of the time you don't have the offensive attitude, and to consider someone even taking such an attitude would offend you. But underneath all that you know that that's the attitude you have and there will be times when that attitude is displayed for all to see.

But does it even matter? As long as it's alright most of the time then who cares? But it does matter, it matters because I don't like the deep-seated, hidden attitude that I have. Don't get me wrong, this isn't an "oh-my-god-stuff-is-so-shit-right-now" because it isn't. Stuff is fine to good right now, but it's just something that sits there as a nagging thought, something that would make things better if it would be changed, but I'm not even sure if it's possible.

So, my fellow bloggers, there are two questions.

1) Is it possible to change the attitudes you take towards groups of people, even though most of the time they are hidden and no-one would know any different?

2) If yes, how do you go about it? If not, what not and what's the best thing to do?

I'm sorry if this blog didn't make much sense, but I didn't really want to get into specifics. If it didnt make sense that tell me and I'll try and explain it better. Please say something, any comment is better than nothing at all.

Thanks all,

December 15, 2004

Koel in Canada Part 1

Ahoy kippers.

Not so long ago my best friend went to Canada, and she won't be back until August. Anyway, I phone her the other day, and, well, what she said inspired me, so here it is.

It goes without saying that I can't acctually draw, so thanks to Strip Creator for that ;)

Thats it. More if I can be bothered or if anyone wants.


September 14, 2004


Well, thought I'd give this place a look. Not as nice as Blogger, but at least the colour scheme doesn't remind me of Sainsburys. And that's a good thing, before any of you go and ask.

Hmm…what else? I'm totally unprepared for Uni, I don't seem to have all the required things, such as any accomodation (damn you accomodation people :P), I don't have a readling list, and I haven't given any thought to the kinda things I'm gonna need. Oh well. I can just pretend that I'm being spontaneous, or something, right?

Thats it. See ya.

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