January 28, 2005

Blind leading the Blind

The more I see it the more I just can’t seem to believe it. Technology in education…. Do not get me wrong, using computers, whiteboards and the like can have benefits for the learner and can help remedy many problems that a learner may have.

Unfortunately this does not really seem to be the case. Well not from what I’ve seen… I do see a giant push of elephantine proportions promoting ICT into the learning environment; it is commendable, ICT literacy is quite important. But how exactly are these technologies going to change the way the learners actually ‘think’?
There are many people around who do this. Actively promote tools that supposedly enhance the learning process. But I suspect that the majority of this promotion is done with little or no consideration of how the learner learns. Any kind of technological tool that is promotes as ‘being able to enhance the learning and teaching process’ should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It comes down to ICT being a tool, another method by which the cognitive process and thinking of the learner can be changed. Is it not true that using a tool in the wrong way either causes more damage or at the very least just does nothing? It is not a bright future I see, more a future where the essence of learning is lost. How is it possible for any kind of teaching to be effective (with or without ICT) if it is not known how the learner constructs ideas, concepts etc in their mind? Is it not like trying to look for a needle in a haystack without knowing what a needle is or what it looks like?

Only when those who provide, use, develop and push ICT into the multitude of learning environments take heed of how. On a positive note I do feel that ICT has a significant role to play in the future of learning, it is acknowledged that ICT is allowing increased access to learning materials, this is only part of the solution.

December 20, 2004

A long time!

Writing about web page http://www.teamlorio.net/

Go to the Flash page and select 'Theoden, Horsemaster'. Bring me a sandwich… one with egg…. and HAAAAMMMMMMMM
You've gotta love it!!!!

December 01, 2004

Mushy Peas

MMMhhhhhhhhhh mushy peas. dont you just love em! Got home and found there isnt really that much in the fridge I would like to cook…. but wait what is this? some frozen chips…. a bit of fish…. and mushy peas in the cupboard!

Lovely!!! once again the day is saved by the mushy peas!

November 28, 2004

Wifi or not

Ah another joyous day in the village known as Coventry. I thought I would pay the little library in the city centre a visit (Central Library.. opposite WHSmith). Out of curiousity I took along my laptop and Wi-Fi card to see if i could sniff anything out. Behold what did I sniff… a connection in the library! Ok it was unsecure so I am asuming it was so that the public can use the internet services on offer after. So up pops a page asking for a userID and password and some spiel about wireless internet at the library at the library and aceptable use policy etc etc etc….......I decide to go and ask a librarian about getting a pin (apparently the username is just the library card number).
I ask about using the wireless internet facilities at the library. Her response was of confusion. She wants me to explain what im talking about!!!!!
Ok I try to explain.. in clear english that all I want to do is use the wireless internet facilities on offer and that I want to connect to the local network.

No response… all I get is a comment saying no you cant connect your computer to these… you need to book in a session and use one of the computers on offer…


I gave up after she started asking me if I wanted to use the computers there…..AAAARRGgggggggghhhhhhh

November 26, 2004

Blood lust

Writing about web page http://xgirl-razorx.deviantart.com/

Was just browsing and look what I came across!!! Well I was sent the link!
Shows the events during a nose bleed! nice! :-) Some nice pictures on there in my opinion! Hmm better go and write a comment on their page! Do not want the photographer crying.

there is this too, am at the site right now:

November 23, 2004

What do I say?

What do I write about today? How is today any different from yesterday?
It is true a day has passed, 24 hours have slipped by… my body is 24 hours to closer to it's eventual demise…

Oh yes I will be meeting the caped crusader today, wonder if Robin will be there too! Thy dynamic duo! Indeed over the years they've become legendary!

That reminds me… a man in the office yesterday…. he shall remain unnamed to protect his identity! Well he asked if I had any make up! I was sure I could see a lipstick in his hands at the time! I'm sure it was something quite normal… but when a man shouts across at you from one side of the office to the other asking " Roy have you got any makeup" … questions must be asked! lol perhaps he was making a film? Hmmm I've been told about the films some people make in offices!
Oh well it turns out he was was taking photos or filming. No gossip then!

Ok time to do some work! I’m leaving at 1pm yey!!!!!

November 21, 2004

Death of the preacher

One of the kind souls on our FRM course has been kind enough to organise a little get together at the end of term. If you are reading this… all I've got to say is THANK YOU and yep I will definately be coming along!

Hope you’ve improved at map reading! Still remember how you got lost on the first day, when we had the introductory lecture and I had to help you find your way to the lecture theatre!! Hehehe

Back to the point, I say death of a preacher…... reason being I have now decided not to try and convert anyone… If certain people decide not to try and expand their list of acquaintances and get to know that which is unknown then that is ok! Each to their own!

For those who are open-minded and wish to grow and expand… there is a second get together, a number of you have allready said you will be coming (guaranteed! approx 15 confirmed at the time of writing this entry) … all are invited as usual both full and part time. The cause I hear you cry? Well the full timers will be handing in their FRM essays in a couple of weeks. We will all be meeting up then to have a couple of drinks (can be non-alcoholic if you prefer!).

Have fun and yey I get my ThinkPad in a couple of days lurvly!!!

Careers fair!

Appears there is a careers fair on Monday in the Panorama suite. Guess I had better pop along, you never know there might be something of interest there! Guess I had better do a Curriculum Vitae (CV) then! Eekk focus… focus…must focus… right 4 hours before bed… I can do this YES! right erm what’s my name… haha I know what my name is…duh! it says my name at the top of this blog haha! Not as stupid as I look! Ok must dash! Got a CV to try and write!

Oh yes WE ARE ALL DOOMED! happy happy happy!

November 19, 2004


How can there be so much apathy in the world? It is just everywhere, lack of interest in anything, lack of interest in the world…lack of interest in the needs of others.

How can people create websites that assist in the process of suicide? What kind of sickness of the soul are the creators of these sites afflicted with?

If we as people find it amusing to assist in the needless death of a living being what kind of people are we? Why does our kind find it amusing when a flame of existence is extinguished… all that is and all that could be destroyed… lost forever…

What hope is there when we are so good at destroying ourselves? We are skilled in this art.
Truly…the world of man is damned!

November 17, 2004

The Power of the Pie

I see that it is not just a minority who are easily swayed and succumb to the power of the pie… How is it that strong men… men of strength and iron will… are so easily led astray by the pie? What is it about the pie that gives it its hold over us mortals? Is it the smell? Is it the way it looks? Perhaps it is the way it tastes? It could be a combination of all these things.

Pies are to be treated with caution! They can consume and make slobbering wrecks out everyone. Look around you… you never know where a pie might be hiding, in your draw; in someone else’s draw… you could even be holding one without knowing it.

It is always essential that you are prepared to deal with a pie when you encounter one…

So remember:

  1. Always carry a Swiss army knife to remove any armour or protective material around the pie.
  2. Use suitable eating utensils
  3. Treat with respect as pies can become enraged and can cause great harm upon those who are hostile.

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