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December 31, 2005

Its all gone to the dogs

Well as ever Xmas has been nothing but busy. And my digital camera is still not in my hands, due to the uselessness of either:
a) The postman
b) The Company we ordered it from

Now on principle I don't like insulting the postman, ours is quite a nice guy, he delivers our post a lot and probably will for some time so I'm not going to jump to any conclusions. So I'll just blame the useless company (DigiUk or something) instead. It's far easier after all and makes me a bit happier. Currently it is starting to look like it's going to turn into a Birthday present instead.

We went to the dogs today in Walthamstow. Bit of a trek round but we were meeting some friends and I personally find it a lot nicer than Wimbledon. I actually ended up about £4.50 up while betting with only about 20p stakes due to picking 6 out of 14 winners and nailing my one pound free bet.

Naturally that money is all going tomorrow (or rather today for all you pedants out there). It's going to be one long and hopefully eventful night. Just as long as the event isn't involving me and the contents of my stomach it should be pretty awesome.

Cue Ross going to sleep.

December 14, 2005


Ahh the joys of being back home. What i should be doing is catching up with Maths and preparing for my test on the first day back. (The Maths department really are very harsh). What I'm actually doing is
a) Watching a lot of Telly
b) Earning Money
Now I suppose I win back a few brownie points by actually improving my finances a bit. Plus it has kept me busy while I wait for everyone else to get back from Uni.

I actually quite like my job. In small doses. By the end of the holidays I'll probably be fed up of it again. Anyway basically I work in a cafe/restaurant in a garden centre called Squires. It is normally pretty tough work, but infact I kind of relish the challenge. My fellow workers are all pretty cool as well. And of course I'm back in the real world' after being in the bubble.

Well I say real world. My top customer for weirdness at the moment is the guy that comes in and gives Werthers Originals to the member of staff he feels has served him best. When I first heard this I must admit I thought it sounded amazing. Here was a man who was quite elderly (so could even be a grandad) giving out Werthers Original. Just like in the Adverts!
However so far he has only given them out to the girls that work there. And also I guess by my logic it means he kind of see's us as his grandchildren. Which is just a little bit weird. He is also a little bit odd around the girls.

As of yet no one has eaten any of his Werthers Originals.
And now a short preview of my next entry:

Rog, over and out.

December 07, 2005

Okay I've finally got round to writing about RAG week

Yes, it may be only 2 1/2 weeks late but its the moment you've all been waiting for (just so that it will stop me going on about it).

The following is an account of my activites on the week known as RAG Week. Roughly. Sadly due to it being massively late I'm a bit hazy on a few details (ie: almost all of it.)

Sunday: Wake up very tired, I can't remember for sure now, but I think it was Skool Dayz the day before. By the time I've actually got myself into a sentient state (about 5pm) I'm working on my analysis workbook all evening, so fail to go to the RAG quiz. Probably ended up watching Desperate Housewives.

Monday: My busiest (workwise) day of the week. I stroll down to Top Banana at (pm as I'm working in the cloakroom. End up doing very little work (was very quiet) while chatting to lots of RAG people wo were all hanging around. Finish my shift, work out that no one is around and that I'm actually very tired. Go home. I think at this point I probably went to sleep.

Tuesday: My first RAG helper shift. I acquire myself a beautiful red RAG helper shirt, and stroll off on a special delivery with exec member Paul. The aim: 7 pints spread over an hour and a half, going in every 15 mins to get this seminar teacher very drunk.

The actual result: We spend ages trying to find this place. We turn up really late, and the beer is really fizzy when we try and pour it. We go and and the seminar teacher has been replaced by someone else. We leave the beer with the lads that paid for it and bugger off.

It was also at this point that I got persuaded to go and sleep rough that night. So after drinking copious amounts of 'insulation' having 'Spunky' (I think…it was a long night) written on my head and eating a rather nice Naan Bread I dug out my sleeping bag and blanket, put on about 4 layers of clothes and slept outside the Union. And yes, incase there was any doubt, it is very cold sleeping outside.

Wednesday; I got up. I had a shower. I made it to my 9am lecture. I went and helped out at RAG, it was pretty quiet.Went to my Supervision at 12pm. I then slept for most of the afternoon. Naturally however I was wide awake for Score that night. Well, not that wide awake, largely due to the consumption of a lot of alcohol. Watched the eating contest. It was certainly..interesting.

Thursday: Ah yes, the aforementioned Conker day. See previous entry for details on failing to get enough people to play conkers. Also I went to see the Subways in the evening. They were really, really good. Highlight was seeing the lead singer jump up on top of the speakers, climb up the ligthing rigging and get up into Cholo.

Friday: Help out at RAG for most of the afternoon (apart from a brief break for a tes…I suprisingly got my best mark out of all 4, clearly a hectic week is the way forward for these things.) I help out in a couple of Gnomings, and get to act as an Exec for deilveries (due to having absolutely masses of deliveries and only 2 exec for the last hour).
Gnomed the Exec. Big style. Egg on the head and everything. I am so going to get Gnomed in a big way next year as revenge. But it was definately worth it.

And then..the Traffic Light Disco. I could have wrote this the day after and I don't think I would have had that much of a better account than what I have now. I remember being quite drunk when I got there, helping to blow up a lot of balloons…doing the RAG tag thing for about 2 hours as there was no one there, going off and getting more drinks and getting much more drunk. The evening is then mostly a blur (I know I was with Claire, Lindsey and Fiona…I assume I was dancing. Badly.) At around 1am (possibly earlier) they all went so I strolled back over to the RAG tag to see who else was around. I also noticed the presence of 3 of the animals on stage dancing around.

Even in my drunk state I noticed something was wrong. Only 3? After scanning across them a few times I realised that the pink hippo wasn't there! After a few enquiries (well more like…HAVE YOU SEEN THE PINK HIPPO COSTUME????) I raced upstairs to the cloakroom where I found the Hippo. I lept into it and dived onto the stage dancing around like a loon. Now its quite hot in the Hippo costume, and also due to the odd shape of the hippo head and the placement of the eyes…impossible to see out of. At one point I got up on the speakers (I decided I wanted to emulate the Subways from the night before..I quickly changed my mind after realising how high it was).
So yes the night finished…but I carried on and went and hugged loads of people as they were leaving. I think I eventually went to sleep at about 4am, after setting both my alarms to wake me up the next morning at 7:30.

Saturday: Day of the wonderful RAG raid to Reading. (i.e: loads of Raggers going into Reading and shaking buckets to raise cash).

Woke up at 9:45 having slept through both of my alarms. Check my phone. Listen to answerphone message from Nice (aka RAG presidente) alng the lines of 'Where the hell are you Ross? Get up!)
So I check the internet. I look at train times. I dive down to Coventry station. I get a ticket to Reading. Costing about £18. I sit and wait. And wait. I realise bringing something to do would have been a good idea. I sit and wait…I assume I must have just missed the train before. However after a while it starts to dawn on me that it was probably just cancelled. After my train is delayed, and then eventually cancelled, and the following one also delayed I start to wake up and realise what an idiot I am being. Not only was it £18, but I couldn't actually get through to my chances of being able to meet them in Reading were slim.

I go back utterly dejected. I really was gutted to have missed it. Go off to Time tunnel that evening but I'm not really up for it. See Frank (also from RAG) turns out he also missed the raid, and seems to think lots of other people probably missed it as well. I feel slightly better after this, as I thought I'd be one of only a few and was letting the side down (it turns out that only 16 out of the 33 who had paid actually made it to the raid). Am still really too tired to enjoy myself that much though. It ended up being a bit of a downbeat ending to what was otherwise an amazing week.

So there it (more or less) is. Without a doubt the most manic week I've ever had. Not just for what I did in the evenings with RAG, but largely for the fact that I don't think I missed a single lecture all week, had a test in which I did well and completed a Differention Sheet (which was also quite good) as well. I think there was probaly some more stuff, but it and I get the feeling some of this stuff, was a 'have to be there moment'.

Should be some entries to come on the joys of being home and quite possibly on the wonders of being back at work. But as this entry is about to go into the realms of being way too long I better stop. Although I think it may well be way too late.

Rog, signing off.

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