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February 19, 2006

How to create a Spectacle Suprise

Do you want to create something as lovely as this in a simple and easy manner? Well now you can with my handy step by step recipe to Spectacle Suprise

Spectacle Suprise
Serves: 1 person a bill for a new pair of glasses
Preparation time: An evening

You will need:

*One pair of glasses tailored to your prescription

*A student union packed out with people in school uniform

*A random person's arm

*A large amount of alcohol served in plastic glasses and bottles

Take the pair of glasses and wear them on your head, so that the lenses cover your eyes and that the arms reach back over your ears. Progress to the union and enter through the door, before working your way towards the dance floor. As an option, you may like to drink some of the alcohol at this point, or even before. This is not essential, but will add to the later effect.

Procede to dance on packed union dancefloor. Breaking out funky dance moves is again not essential, but preferable to the general feel of the night. After an undetermined amount of time dictated by personal taste, have the random person wave their arm towards your eyes, so that the glasses are knocked away from your face and onto the floor of the union. Naturally this swipe must be well placed and quite hard so as to make the glasses travel as far as possible, as such this may take some time to hone this delicate skill.

At this point you should start to grovel around on the floor in a desperate attempt to find your glasses. If you do, then clearly you didn't knock them away far enough, although consuming alcohol does make it much harder to find them. At this point you should also have ensured that there are a lot of people around you, and that they have dropped as many glasses and bottles on the floor as possible to help make the search harder.

Eventually give up, and allow the glasses to stew delicately on the floor for approximately an hour, although leaving them for longer will again increase the effect. During this time it is possible to be disoriented due to a lack of vision, and generally feel worried and annoyed. This is perfectly normal, and infact shows you are progressing nicely.

Once the event is over and the lights turn back on it should be possible to find the glasses. By this time they should have been kicked around and trodden on nicely, and be nicely broken. If not then clearly you did something wrong or are incredibly lucky. In this example someone found them very quickly, suprising as the lens was loose but I imagine that this could much longer.

Serve immediately

For those wanting to note the special touches, note the break on the left lens holder, where the screw has sheared away the holder so it isn't reperable. Also note the nose supports are facing the wrong way and that the left arm is bent nicely. The left lens is naturally loose, and together with the right lens is scratched to a point where they are of no further use. Also observe the large amounts of general dirt picked up from the floor of the union. I am suprised that the left lens in particular didn't break in this case, but I'm sure with more time someone replicating this recipe could improve on this.

(EDIT: Apologies for the picture disappearing off over the edge. I'm sure there is a way to fix that, but I can't be bothered to work it out and I wanted to leave it as big as possible so that you could see the fine details)

February 15, 2006

Running Man

Yes, truely I kick arse or some other body part that is kicked. 13.4 on the bleep test, and I really feel that on another day I could have done better (I didn't feel quite right today. Don't know why…I guess athletes are very temperamental :P). Was pleasantly suprised to beat everyone else in the Athletics Club, although it was a particularly poor turnout I feel. I might have done a little better infact if I'd had someone to run against, it gets kind of lonely running alone, it's nice to have some support and motivation.

I have noticed one interesting side effect of running recently. I seem really, really hyper after I've gone out. This generally means putting on Trance music and practising my somewhat lamentable dance skillz. (Yes, with a z. They are that hardcore. Or possibly non-hardcore. I'm never sure which one it is.)

So perhaps rather than drinking I should just go out for a quick run around the union every 20mins or so. Although there isn't much room. And I'd stink. And bump into lots of people. And look like a complete and utter weirdo.

This clearly needs more thought.

February 09, 2006

I need to sleep more

Well I suppose I might as well add my bit about how annoying it is that the fire alarm went off at some hideous time in the morning. At which point I proceded to become incredibly confused, trying to turn my alarm off, failing, unplugging it..wondering how the hell it was able to keep on going even tho it was unplugged, finally coming to the realisation that it was the fire alarm…and then going outside with no shoes on.

This combined with not actually being able to drop off to bed that easily meant I really didn't get very much sleep. And I have a Real Ale social…my very first one infact. The chances of me making it back to campus in any kind of state, and being able to get up in time for my 2pm tomorrow are actually not that high.

Suppose I ought to mention that Lava Ignite (the club formally known as Ikon) was a pretty good night. I was very impressed with their level of service, particularly when it came to giving us out shots on the way onto the bus. A man, with a bottle, tipping it into your mouth. Truely the height of class. Being the only people travelling back on the 1:30 bus was pretty funny tho, fair play to the bus driver who dropped us off at the arts centre rather than making us walk from the Varsity.

Now I'm off to mentally prepare for tonight using some kind of…zen like…not needing that much sleep techniques of some sort or another.

February 07, 2006

That's the second most interesting title for a blog entry I've ever seen

Escape from Monkey Island. Pro Evo 5. Both essential that I play them as much as possible. I have to master Pro Evo, and Monkey Island is just great. The question now is will I actually get any work done at any point?
It seems relatively quiet in the corridor now, even with only a few people gone. Not that I am taking the opportunity to get lots of work done. Nope I'm playing games. Or watching Family Guy. Or just dossing about on the web. And also generally not thinking up good blog entries.

Side note: I got incredibly drunk on Saturday. On wine (still it was free- thank you RAG) Am making a mental note that Lindsay and Claire are possibly not the best people to rely on being able to push a trolley with myself in down the slope leading towards Rootes when they are very drunk. Although that may also apply when they are sober as well. I might have to test this at some point.

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