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January 31, 2006

Late Night entries are a bad idea…

2 days in a row, I'm really rolling with it now.

I had a whole blog entry written out about the thing I mentioned before. Then I started to think:
1) I started writing this at 1:30am….this isn't going to be a good blog entry if it is trying to make sense of something
2) I think the person in question knows about this blog, and I think she would probably guess it was about her. (EDIT: I've just realised I could have made a University only entry, so she couldn't have seen it. But then it's too late to remember that kind of thing and I can't be bothered typing it all back out now.)

So in the end I'm going to end up keeping quiet about it. I'm sure people that know me will bug me about it and I'll probably tell you about it. You'll then probably say that I should stop worrying about it or something, which is probably correct but then I've never been one to do things the easy way.

Anyway, Top B is actually quite good. I must make the effort to actually go along more often. It's quite refreshing to not hear the same old songs repeated again and again (not that I don't like the Score stuff, it's just nice to have a change). Also it gives me a chance to break out my crazy dance moves. The longer hair may be a lot more hassle to look after…but it does come in handy for those songs which require a bit of head banging!

And now I really ought to get some sleep.

January 30, 2006

I'm on the road again…

Or rather I'm not as I'm back at Uni again, having been on a rather exciting trip back to (not so) sunny surrey.

I nearly ended up being scuppered at the first hurdle. Thanks to massive queues going to coventry I nearly missed the first train. Thankfully you can always rely on Virgin to be running a tad late and I just caught it having sprinted down from the bus stop. I then of course ended up waiting for 35 mins at Waterloo because for some reason when I bought my tickets they thought it would take an hour to get from Euston to Waterloo. I then also had to do the 35min walk back from the station as I'd forgetten that I'd run out of credit and some idiot had broken the pay phone.

Other bad things, well I got a parking ticket due to being a pillock. I could moan that I was only 17 mins late, but frankly I was stupid. £30 I'm not going to see again. But interestingly if I'd ran down the high street I would have made it back in time. So drawing from this, and the train incident I clearly need to run more.

Other than that it was a pretty relaxed weekend. Went bowling. Played terribly the first game, a lot better in the second. Met Chris' new girlfriend Aisling (I think that's right, it's pronounced Ash-leen). She seemed quite nice, and unlike his last girlfriend, she actually talked to me.

Have also bought back a few new things
1) New digi camera. It's sparkly!
2) A new bag. It's not falling apart!
3) My cocktail shaker. It's going to give us more interesting ways to get drunk!
4) Some new cd's and books I got for my birthday!

Sadly Chris' present to me went AWOL. We think it is somewhere under the huge pile of junk in my other brother's room, but as he wasn't around we didn't feel we could just raid through his stuff. Although that still would have taken a very long time. Also I still haven't got PES 5, but it should be here shortly.

However, all in all a very successful and worthy trip. There's one other thing that might be worth mentioning but I'll leave for another time, as frankly I'm still slightly confused. Although frankly that is nothing new.

January 22, 2006

Back on track

Well it seems that more or less everything has sorted itself out, in one way or another. All my presents have turned up…okay they're currently all at home but that's just a minor inconvenience considering I'm going home this weekend.

Of course that in itself could throw up the odd suprise; my brother is bringing his new girlfriend back, so what better way to introduce her gently than have family friends round as well so they can all go "OOHHHHHhhhh" as well. Still I think she's probably more capable of handling it than his last girlfriend , in the very short conversation I had with her on the phone when I was back home I think I exchanged more words with her than I ever did with his old girlfriends. (and this was a very short conversation)

Anyway, back to the on trackness…the running has kicked up again after I got a bit lax, I started really well when we got back, and it's been up and down since. I really need to get it sorted, because once I've got PES 5 from home I'm going to have a lot less time. Workwise I'm also feeling a bit happier now, Java is going to be a horrible pain in the arse but I feel I've managed to find some kind of a rhythm for getting through everything else.

One final thing: Ross for RAG finance. Or possibly another position! Whatever I can win. I must have an exec position…just because this year they got cooler shirts for RAG week.

A second final thing: RAG hoodie still hasn't turned up. Am mildly annoyed.

Third final thing: Sadly not everything is sorted. But at least I've got the fundementals going right.

And with that cryptic ending, I bid you all Happy 22nd January.

January 18, 2006

Wiki, wiki, wiki fever.

Wikipedia is possibly the most amazing thing ever in the world. Ever. You can find literally anything on there ( -gets coat). And then you think about how it was put together. The editing behind the scenes is quite frankly scary.

However I've not set my sights that high, no I've been pulled into the homestar runner wiki, a frankly amazing fansite but together by people with far too much time on their hands. Naturally I became immediately interested. I used it just as a reference for a while, but then I spotted my first mistake. And suddenly I was like 'Wow I can correct that, how cool am I'. So I did. Then someone else came along and changed it to something else, slightly different but still basically the same. I felt mildly miffed.

The pages are in a almost constant state of tinkering, trying to reach a kind of zen-like perfection. But mainly its made me realise quite how obsessive people can get over a cartoon, although in a way I think many have actually caught a kind of 'Wikifever' (I spent 5 seconds ages coming up with this name) where what they are actually addicted to is the creation of a comprehensive archive…and on a scale that isn't hideous to comprehend, unlike Wikipedia itself.

And thus endeth my random, possibly interesting but most likely vaguely dull thought of the day. It is possible that I might make a blog entry about what I've been doing recently. After all, I've had my birthday and everything.

January 08, 2006

(This title was far too sensible and has been replaced with: Baked Beans and Treacle don't mix)

First update in a while. For those of you hoping that I'd saved up something exciting, prepare to be let down bitterly excited and amazed!

I currently have no prospects of getting a digital camera at all as my parents cancelled the order, due to the general uselessness of the people they had orderd it from. It was then going to be done via Argos…but then they stopped selling it. In the approximately 2 hours while my parents were waiting for me to come out of an exam so they could check it was okay. This is to say it mildly, a tad annoying.

I did however buy a DVD today, Big Train (series 1 and 2). Haven't seen it in a long, long time, but happily it is still as good as I remembered it being. The World Staring Champsionships will never ever age. And I'd also completly forgotten that it had Simon Pegg in it.

Oh I've also been playing with a really cool tech demo called rthdribl which looks really pretty. It doesn't serve any purpose at all other than looking pretty, but I just decided I'd mention it.

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