December 14, 2005


Ahh the joys of being back home. What i should be doing is catching up with Maths and preparing for my test on the first day back. (The Maths department really are very harsh). What I'm actually doing is
a) Watching a lot of Telly
b) Earning Money
Now I suppose I win back a few brownie points by actually improving my finances a bit. Plus it has kept me busy while I wait for everyone else to get back from Uni.

I actually quite like my job. In small doses. By the end of the holidays I'll probably be fed up of it again. Anyway basically I work in a cafe/restaurant in a garden centre called Squires. It is normally pretty tough work, but infact I kind of relish the challenge. My fellow workers are all pretty cool as well. And of course I'm back in the real world' after being in the bubble.

Well I say real world. My top customer for weirdness at the moment is the guy that comes in and gives Werthers Originals to the member of staff he feels has served him best. When I first heard this I must admit I thought it sounded amazing. Here was a man who was quite elderly (so could even be a grandad) giving out Werthers Original. Just like in the Adverts!
However so far he has only given them out to the girls that work there. And also I guess by my logic it means he kind of see's us as his grandchildren. Which is just a little bit weird. He is also a little bit odd around the girls.

As of yet no one has eaten any of his Werthers Originals.
And now a short preview of my next entry:

Rog, over and out.

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  1. I think you could win back some brownie points depending on what TV you've been watching as well. I've been having a Lost marathon for entire week. Eh heh.

    16 Dec 2005, 16:33

  2. Agreed on the issue of the test on the first day back being rather harsh – especially cramming one exam into two (if you're also referring to the Foundations/Analysis exam). :)

    Coincidentally I've also had a Lost marathon – I acquired series one, started watching it late last week and have now become utterly addicted. I do however slightly regret the fact that I have absolutely zero self control and have managed to acquire and watch up to episode 7 of episode 2. Now I suppose I'll have to wait another 6 months for more episodes to become available!

    16 Dec 2005, 18:39

  3. Hehe oops! It just gets better and better doesn't it? Though I'll be really annoyed if the hatch thing turns out to be something to do with aliens, it'd be good if it was at least a little bit credible as it makes it more scary.

    17 Dec 2005, 21:58

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