January 08, 2006

(This title was far too sensible and has been replaced with: Baked Beans and Treacle don't mix)

First update in a while. For those of you hoping that I'd saved up something exciting, prepare to be let down bitterly excited and amazed!

I currently have no prospects of getting a digital camera at all as my parents cancelled the order, due to the general uselessness of the people they had orderd it from. It was then going to be done via Argos…but then they stopped selling it. In the approximately 2 hours while my parents were waiting for me to come out of an exam so they could check it was okay. This is to say it mildly, a tad annoying.

I did however buy a DVD today, Big Train (series 1 and 2). Haven't seen it in a long, long time, but happily it is still as good as I remembered it being. The World Staring Champsionships will never ever age. And I'd also completly forgotten that it had Simon Pegg in it.

Oh I've also been playing with a really cool tech demo called rthdribl which looks really pretty. It doesn't serve any purpose at all other than looking pretty, but I just decided I'd mention it.

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  1. I'm so glad I waited for that blog entry – it was thrilling! (but then I can talk my blog isn't much better!) Glad to hear the digital camera saga is resolved and that you now have no eason to bad mouth the postman as I'm sure he is a lovely guy! PS the corny joke that you added was truly terrible!!!

    09 Jan 2006, 22:34

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