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January 18, 2006

Wiki, wiki, wiki fever.

Wikipedia is possibly the most amazing thing ever in the world. Ever. You can find literally anything on there ( -gets coat). And then you think about how it was put together. The editing behind the scenes is quite frankly scary.

However I've not set my sights that high, no I've been pulled into the homestar runner wiki, a frankly amazing fansite but together by people with far too much time on their hands. Naturally I became immediately interested. I used it just as a reference for a while, but then I spotted my first mistake. And suddenly I was like 'Wow I can correct that, how cool am I'. So I did. Then someone else came along and changed it to something else, slightly different but still basically the same. I felt mildly miffed.

The pages are in a almost constant state of tinkering, trying to reach a kind of zen-like perfection. But mainly its made me realise quite how obsessive people can get over a cartoon, although in a way I think many have actually caught a kind of 'Wikifever' (I spent 5 seconds ages coming up with this name) where what they are actually addicted to is the creation of a comprehensive archive…and on a scale that isn't hideous to comprehend, unlike Wikipedia itself.

And thus endeth my random, possibly interesting but most likely vaguely dull thought of the day. It is possible that I might make a blog entry about what I've been doing recently. After all, I've had my birthday and everything.

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