January 30, 2007

Stupid Sudoku…

I’m sitting at the back of metric spaces and I’m bored. So what do I do? Why the Sudoku from this weeks Boar!

After a few minutes I realise something seems very familiar about this Sudoku…I still have my old copy of last weeks Boar in my bag, so I check it and sure enough it is the same Sudoku! Which I couldn’t solve last week…bummer.

Still, I try it again, I get the idea that a clean start will help me out, so I resist the temptation to just jump to where I was before. And sure enough after a while I look over and notice I have got a bit further. But I soon get stuck again and despite a lot of checking I can’t see any other moves.

Now I consider myself pretty decent at Sudoku, so I wasn’t going to let this defeat me (read: stubborn). But it just seemed there wasn’t enough information there. So I got out my old copy from last week and just tried guessing a few numbers. Much to my shock, I worked it through and I got a solution, which when checked seemed to work. Finally I thought, and got back to my notes.

However after a while I start to think, surely I couldn’t have been that lucky, I’d had to make about 3 guesses for it to drop out. So I tried drawing out another grid, and this time made a few different guesses. I followed it through and got another different solution. And then another one. I guess it is non-unqiue then.

Posted below are 3 of my solutions, along with the furthest I managed to get following it through logically. The numbers in black are those initially given, the numbers in red the ones added in.

Sort it out the Boar. I need Sudoku’s I can solve quickly so I don’t spend ages fiddling around finding numerous solutions and creating blog entries about it when I should be working!

December 09, 2006

Bloody Nose

I got a nosebleed in Woolworths in Leamington yesterday. No particular reason, I just suddenly started spurting blood from my nostril. I was somewhat shocked, as were all the staff who I went up to and said in a completely deadpan manner:

“Yeah I seem to have developed a nosebleed, have you got any toilets or anything?”

The whole thing was a tad unusual for me, I can only remember one other situation when I had a nosebleed and this was back when I was a lot younger and accidently headbutted a friend of mine while on a bouncy castle. With my nose.
Infact that particular occasion taught me a very important lesson which I have stuck to for a long time since:

“Never Sneeze while you have a nose bleed. Particularly if you are standing in front of a mirror in the ladies toilet which you got taken into by the first aid person.”
The look on the face of the person who came out of the cubicle just afterwards…

April 23, 2006

How do you eat yours?

While wasting away the long easter holiday I realised that I have a very odd way of eating certain foods. And so with far too much time on my hands I set off down to the shops and bought myself a selection of some of the foods I eat, and proceded to eat them in my strange and wonderful ways. However I then thought, why not share my wacky ways with the world in some kind of blog entry. So I photographed the food at various stages of eaten-ness (yes it is a real word. Honest)

From the title you'd have thought I would start with a creme egg. But I've lost the pictures for it.

So we'll begin with what I first had. A pucker pie. Bought from the finest local fish and chip shop.

Food! 9Food! 10
(apologies for the quality of these, this comes of having to use someone else's computer)
As you can see, rather than the convential method I've gone for the somewhat unusual method of taking the top off…and eating out the insides first. Sometimes I will eat the top with the inside as well, as the top is a bit dry. This then leaves me to eat the rest of the delicious pastry.

This is similar in style to another of my foods..the custard tart.
Food! 1Food! 2Food! 3
Here initially I have carefully gone round and bitten off the crust in the first image (Note usually I wouldn't have it in the foil container..but I put in back in it for added stability, particularly for the last photo).
I have then proceded to do some difficult tongue work and lick out the entire of the filling, yet again leaving the pastry to be eaten last.

So currently I seem to be eating the inside first..and leaving the outside. But then we move on to the Kitkat Chunky.
Food! 7Food! 8
Yes, I have very carefully bitten off all the chocolate from the outside. I was actually rather impressed with this effort, ususually I end up damaging the flakes inside. I do the same thing with a normal kitkat..but it is so much more impressive with a chunky.

Finally then, the humble jaffa cake
Food! 4Food! 5Food! 6
Here the aim is simple. The inner core is the nicest part and should be craefully preserved, so I eat off the base first, and then take the chocolate off the top.

So there you have it. Naturally of course I never normally do these in front of people (I do have some manners. Sometimes.) So basically I was wondering if I am the only person who seems to have turned the eating of food in to some kind of challenge. Does anyone else eat their food in a crazy manner?

(PS: I'm aware that there is almost certainly a psychological reason for me doing this that will expose me as a nutjob. But what the hey)

(PPS: Am currently attempting to go a whole week without my own computer in my room. This has already resulted in me getting very bored and actually doing some work. Oh and stealing Fiona's laptop a lot, thanks Fi-fi!)

April 05, 2006

I am so jealous….

Okay I know it is a little early to be making an entry about eurovision, but I was reminded of our terrible entry the other day (Although it has almost reached the "So bad it is brilliant level") but I saw this and just had to post it now.
This is Finlands Entry to the Eurovision Song Contest

One word. Awesome. I really, really hope they actually have the zombie cheerleaders on stage. Wogan is actually going to have a field day. It might even make it bareable to watch.

(Oh and I know this has nothing to do with a kitkat chunky or a cream egg. All will be explained soonish)

April 03, 2006

Cillit Bang!

Sadly this doesn't really have anything to do with Cillit Bang, as I actually quite like their advert as it is quirky in a weird kind of way.
Basically I've been watching far, far too much telly, as it is Easter and while I am doing some work it has to be kept to a minimum. So naturally I've been seing a lot of adverts, quite a few of them multiple times

Firstly ABC1. I hate the way they organise their adverts. Why do they make you watch 5 mins of adverts just so you can see the last 30 seconds of the show? It is just annoying! Break in the middle like every other sane channel.

And secondly..just plain annoying adverts. The kind that make you run out the room screaming everytime you see them.

1- Sheila's Wheels: This tune is slowly driving me insane. How can anyone actually use this company? I mean..yeah it is memorable, but memorable in a 'I really want to kill whoever invented that advert' kinda way.

2- The More Than Adverts: More specifically..that's more than lucky. They have got old so, so, so quickly. Infact..I think they may actually have been old originally, and just got worse. I find myself wishing that it wouldn't be so damn lucky just to shut the guy up.

3- The Vauxhall advert with the grown up kids: This really isn't funny. Okay I can understand maybe doing it once. But it just isn't funny anymore. They may think they are being wacky..but they really aren't. In any way.

Anyway Rant over.Should hopefully be blogging again tomorrow if I can get my hands on a cream egg and a kitkat chunky….

BANG!!...and the Ross is gone

March 27, 2006

It's Like a Yo–Yo!

Sadly I'm describing my internet connection, which seems to dropping on and off with worrying frequency. Why do these things always seem to happen when I am home, and thus when I am moaned at to deal with it continuously?

Anyway basically first of all one computer connects but the other doesn't. After checking quite a few settings, I discover that my sister was mucking around with some of the settings and disabled the network. When asked later she admitted doing this, but didn't think it would be a good idea to tell me….

So that got the first problem sorted. About 2 hours later, both the computers start losing their connection. At first just the internet, but sometimes the network connection as well. After upgrading the Router to the latest firmware (a process which took a long time due to aforementioned intermittent internet connection) I'm still not having much luck. Then I realise that someone has knocked the plug a bit loose for the router…..

This seems to solve the lose of network connection. But the internet is still bobbing up and down happily. So after running nearly every test…I still haven't really got anywhere. I managed to get the log from the router, it is claiming a Loss of synchronization error seems to be the problem. Thankfully this doesn't seem to be an uncommon problem (the router is a DG834…and the problem is mentioned on their forums). However sadly while not uncommon, there is no definate solution.So it looks like I have more fun tomorrow trying to figure it out.

I've also finally started getting into work. Now the commonwealth games have finished, I'm quietly optimistic of actually being able to get things done.

(Oh I've also got my new glasses. Cost a fair amount but thanks to specsavers amazing 2 for 1 deal I have now got 2 pairs. This doesn't mean however that I am in any way encouraging a repeat performance of what happened to the last ones on the basis that I now have a backup)

March 12, 2006

On Holiday

Ah back home again. So naturally I'm blogging again as I've got nothing else to do. I expect to be spending more time on facebook as well.
Anyway naturally I plan on getting lots of work done, sorting out jobs and generally doing lots of little things that need to be done. However I'll probably end up mostly doing what I did last holiday..watching TV (well and now also mastering Pro Evo.)

End of Term was very strange. It definately didn't feel right coming back at 3:30am completly sober. Still it was actually a pretty good night for the cloakroom, very busy and hard work, but we managed to have a pretty decent time in there. Although obviously I would have rather been living it up.

Anyway, I ought to be goind to bed now so I can get up bright and early tomorrow to start off on a good foot (top of the list if booking a eye appointment to get some new glasses). So naturally I'm probably going to go off and watch scrubs.

Ross over.

March 05, 2006

Late Night stuff

First entry for ages and I think this is well up there with my other contenders for latest blog entry. The only difference this time is that I am completly and utterly sober. I suppose I should mention to anyone that reads my blog and doesn't know me that, yes I did make it onto the RAG exec (Treasurer all the way) and that this has resulted in needing to train to be a cloakroom coordinator.

So I ended up being giving Crash (which obviously I changed to Metropolis due to Fi-fi's birthday party), and the End of Term Party, something that will certainly be interesting, it goes on til 3 and everyone will be wasted and coming back at the end demanding their coats when they've lost their tickets because they won't be able to go back and get them on Monday. The worse part is missing out on going out with everyone though. I guess I have to make sacrifices….RAG will consume me eventually.

Other things:
1) I badly, badly need a haircut
2) I'm still wearing my old glasses. I suppose I might as well leave it til I get home now, they aren't that bad really.

Perhaps when I'm not so tired I might actually put up some of my more recent thoughts. But I'm not promising anything.

February 19, 2006

How to create a Spectacle Suprise

Do you want to create something as lovely as this in a simple and easy manner? Well now you can with my handy step by step recipe to Spectacle Suprise

Spectacle Suprise
Serves: 1 person a bill for a new pair of glasses
Preparation time: An evening

You will need:

*One pair of glasses tailored to your prescription

*A student union packed out with people in school uniform

*A random person's arm

*A large amount of alcohol served in plastic glasses and bottles

Take the pair of glasses and wear them on your head, so that the lenses cover your eyes and that the arms reach back over your ears. Progress to the union and enter through the door, before working your way towards the dance floor. As an option, you may like to drink some of the alcohol at this point, or even before. This is not essential, but will add to the later effect.

Procede to dance on packed union dancefloor. Breaking out funky dance moves is again not essential, but preferable to the general feel of the night. After an undetermined amount of time dictated by personal taste, have the random person wave their arm towards your eyes, so that the glasses are knocked away from your face and onto the floor of the union. Naturally this swipe must be well placed and quite hard so as to make the glasses travel as far as possible, as such this may take some time to hone this delicate skill.

At this point you should start to grovel around on the floor in a desperate attempt to find your glasses. If you do, then clearly you didn't knock them away far enough, although consuming alcohol does make it much harder to find them. At this point you should also have ensured that there are a lot of people around you, and that they have dropped as many glasses and bottles on the floor as possible to help make the search harder.

Eventually give up, and allow the glasses to stew delicately on the floor for approximately an hour, although leaving them for longer will again increase the effect. During this time it is possible to be disoriented due to a lack of vision, and generally feel worried and annoyed. This is perfectly normal, and infact shows you are progressing nicely.

Once the event is over and the lights turn back on it should be possible to find the glasses. By this time they should have been kicked around and trodden on nicely, and be nicely broken. If not then clearly you did something wrong or are incredibly lucky. In this example someone found them very quickly, suprising as the lens was loose but I imagine that this could much longer.

Serve immediately

For those wanting to note the special touches, note the break on the left lens holder, where the screw has sheared away the holder so it isn't reperable. Also note the nose supports are facing the wrong way and that the left arm is bent nicely. The left lens is naturally loose, and together with the right lens is scratched to a point where they are of no further use. Also observe the large amounts of general dirt picked up from the floor of the union. I am suprised that the left lens in particular didn't break in this case, but I'm sure with more time someone replicating this recipe could improve on this.

(EDIT: Apologies for the picture disappearing off over the edge. I'm sure there is a way to fix that, but I can't be bothered to work it out and I wanted to leave it as big as possible so that you could see the fine details)

February 15, 2006

Running Man

Yes, truely I kick arse or some other body part that is kicked. 13.4 on the bleep test, and I really feel that on another day I could have done better (I didn't feel quite right today. Don't know why…I guess athletes are very temperamental :P). Was pleasantly suprised to beat everyone else in the Athletics Club, although it was a particularly poor turnout I feel. I might have done a little better infact if I'd had someone to run against, it gets kind of lonely running alone, it's nice to have some support and motivation.

I have noticed one interesting side effect of running recently. I seem really, really hyper after I've gone out. This generally means putting on Trance music and practising my somewhat lamentable dance skillz. (Yes, with a z. They are that hardcore. Or possibly non-hardcore. I'm never sure which one it is.)

So perhaps rather than drinking I should just go out for a quick run around the union every 20mins or so. Although there isn't much room. And I'd stink. And bump into lots of people. And look like a complete and utter weirdo.

This clearly needs more thought.

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