October 12, 2004


There is a useful program on Thinking Allowed, the Laurie Taylor program as mentioned by Mike on Tuesday, about Robert Merton. The self fulfilling prophesy and the unachievable American dream are discussed. Merton died in February 2003.

October 08, 2004

What is the learning grid for exactly?

Is it for study? Is it for meeting and talking? One function seems to contradict the other! The books are only for reference, therefore they have to be read in situ, and to concentrate is difficult whilst chattering is going on, there are no printers to put findings into hard copy either. Then when a meeting is arranged amongst friends there, one is constantly scowled at for disturbing others!

October 05, 2004

Not Pink!

My blog is not pink, in fact it isn't any colour (it's supposed to be leafy), at least not from my home PC, and all my text is large as if for the visually impared. Does any one else have this problem, or more importantly know how to rectify it? I've done all the obvious stuff, like change the text size, but to no avail. It happens only on the Uni website once I get past undergraduates.

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