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I’m a first year who hails from Kent, studying History: Venice stream, and on the SSLC for History-the more plugs the better I think ;) , but surrounded on a regular basis by mathematicians as my habitat includes Meriden House (good old new Rootes), Humanities, ocasionally the Library, and last, but by no means least, the Chaplaincy, home of 10p cups of tea, and lots of mathematicians, not that I’ve got anything against them, just that my limited, and mostly forgotten A level maths is somewhat beneath the conversation level. I just try, and fail, to read instead, and add my twopennyworth as appropriate.
My extra-curricular interests are many and varied. I am a member of the Uni Lacrosse Club, Christian Union, Christian Focus, and SSAGO, and if there’s a classical concert on in the evening, you might find me doing my job in the Arts Centre.

I’m a fan of Dorothy L Sayers, and could do Mastermind on the chronicles of Narnia. I like most music and enjoy dancing.

I know that this entry is more or less identical to my first entry, but the create profile bit isn’t that obvious

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