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February 01, 2006

Run run as fast as you can…

gingerbread manMade it back to the gym this eve; first time in months! I HAVE to keep up the good work, since never in my life have I shelled out so much for a bloody gym membership as I did yesterday. Oh yeah and I'm doing another half marathon in April (Reading), so it might be wise to do some training so as to avoid otherwise Certain Death. Anyway I managed to run 4K followed by a short stint on the cross-trainer – not that impressive, but a start. Now i'm going to bed to try to get 9 hours sleep in the hope that I will stop feeling so exhausted and grumpy all the time.

September 16, 2005

Clapham Common 10K

Writing about web page

Oooh have just entered a 'nice little 10K' (Jamie's words) for the end of October. Now just need to get self into running shoes, and running shoes into gym / the great outdoors. Fitness level: zilch. Days left to train: 44 (6 weeks and 2 days – ages!). Excuses: Not allowed, under any circumstances.

Oh and good luck to Leonie for the New Forest 1/2 marathon on Sunday – you'll storm it!

August 17, 2005

Devon Diaries and Dairies and Lashings of Clotted Cream

Follow-up to Things Wot I Ave Learned In Devon from L'Etrangère

All the pictures from the weekend are here

Friday 12/08/05
Leonie and I arrived at Paignton around midday and met Thomas and Helen off the train. Thankfully Leonie was not relying on my map-reading skills to get us from Bracknell to Paignton, otherwise we might have ended up in Bognor by mistake (where is Bognor anyway?). Had fish, chips and mushy peas, birthday cake and wine on the beach followed by a round of crazy golf, during which I learned that I have no hand-eye coordination and should probably try to curb my swearing in the presence of small children. Thomas had his hegemonic masculinity challenged by a family behind us who thought it was funny that the only boy in the group was taking the longest to pot the ball. But then I lost, and we all got slightly sunburnt.

Drove to our B&B along the coast road, which entailed a car ferry crossing at Dartmouth, beautiful sea views and roads where we had to breathe in whenever we passed another car. Went for dinner in Outer Hope Cove at slightly scary Fawlty Towers-esque restaurant charging £10.50 for a cheese omelette, but luckily we were offered a slightly cheaper bar menu instead, as well as the opportunity to sit 'with the other young people' in a tent. Failed to find the 'wall to wall pubs' tantalisingly proffered by the Rough Guide so we had to make do with Fawlty Towers, but declined the offer of the tent, tempting though it sounded. Encountered a badger, a ghost police car, and glow worms on our return to the B&B, and nearly got run over multiple times as had forgotten to bring torch. And so ended the first day…

Saturday 13/08/05
Leonie, Helen and I got up at 7.30am for a pre-breakfast run. Unfortunately, we started off by running 180 degrees in the wrong direction (unsurprisingly on my advice), but in doing so discovered Marlborough, which did appear to have wall to wall pubs, unlike Outer Hope Cove. Ran about 3 miles which set us up well for our cooked breakfast, fruit, porridge with clotted cream, toast, kippers etc. etc.

Despite the fact that I was dragged up mountains from an early age, subjected to orders of 'at the double!' when confronted with sheer cliff faces and scree slopes, and told by my father that mud, driving rain and biting winds would 'make a man' of me, I still came to Devon rather ill-prepared for hiking, with little in the way of sensible clothes for a walk characterised by serious lashings of rain and wind (but unfortunately no ginger beer). Worst of all, didn't even bring a hip flask! I appear to have learned nothing from those early childhood experiences.

Coastline was beautiful until mists and fogs rolled in, and 7 miles later we arrived in Salcombe looking like drowned rats and promptly stumbled into the nearest pub. Which was full. As was the one next to it. And the next. Arrrgh! We finally found somewhere for lunch and attempted to dry off under a broken hand drier. The 3 miles back to the B&B were spent bemoaning my lack of dry clothes and stupidity in wearing shorts (stinging nettle laceration) whilst watching the slugs play.

Made it back in time for tea and the remainder of Thomas' chocolate cake, and since weather was still manky we played cards in the bar until dinner time, at which point I consumed a further 6932 calories (nearly all clotted cream related). Burned it off with an enthusiastic round of post-dinner dominoes, which reminded me of being 11 and walking the Coast to Coast with my dad and stepmother.

Sunday 14/08/05
Weather gorgeous this morning, and managed to run in right direction towards Hope Cove today- again probably about 3 miles. We accidentally herded a load of cows along the track with us, but the stupid things wouldn't move to one side to let us pass. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning – sunny, fresh, the smell of the sea lingering on the breeze – but best of all we found the part of Hope Cove (Inner Hope) containing the wall to wall pubs. As it was only 7.45am, we resisted the temptation to go in. Big hill back up from the sea to finish, but felt fantastic and ready for a full cooked breakfast (and juice, fruit, cereal, toast, porridge, and lashings of clotted cream – you get the picture).

We headed off to Dartmouth to catch the 'Tally Ho' school bus and the 12 o'clock boat trip up to Totnes, during which we were regailed by many an amusing tale about sixth formers shagging in the local nature reserve. Oh and saw lots of birds – egrets, buzzards, cormorants and ducks (of course). The stories were not quite so amusing on the journey back to Dartmouth, but luckily we'd had a pub lunch and perused the streets of Totnes in the interim period, and so they almost sounded original given my dodgy short-term memory and inability to remember what I did two hours ago.

Speaking of which, the list that ensues was supposed to be written up properly at a later date (I was too tired and probably pissed to write in full sentences at the time), but I can't actually make any sense of it now as a whole three days have lapsed and it all seems like a bit of a mystery to me now (particularly the reference to 'amazon' – what the hell is that all about?). Thomas you were right, you said I wouldn't remember. So you'll just have to fill in the gaps yourself and make it up:

  • drove into hedge
  • amazon
  • lunch v good
  • castle £££
  • walked on walls that weren't really there
  • odd objects contest – we were beaten by precocious five year old
  • sleep and seagull
  • icecream, but not maple and ginger. Liars.
  • famous five
  • sunset
  • radioactive scrumpy in wall to wall pub
  • chicken and mushroom pie
  • nuclear fission – we're all going to die
  • halogen
  • 3 dimensional noughts and crosses

Hmmm. Any ideas?

Monday 15/08/05
Ran to Hope Cove again before breakfast this morning – weather was perfect, sunny, not too hot, sea breeze, and the cows didn't come for a run with us this time. After eating, packing, paying etc. we drove to the sea along the scariest supposedly minor roads (according to the OS map) I have ever witnessed. Mile upon mile of single track road bordered by thick hedgerows with no passing places and no way of turning off. We all just closed our eyes (except Leonie, who was driving) and desperately hoped we wouldn't encounter another car.

Largely unscathed, though the poor car looked filthy, we set off on a hike along the clifftops to Start Point lighthouse, a route which took us via the ruined village of Hallsands, which washed away into the sea after a violent storm in 1917. We walked a couple of miles further along the coastline from here – spectacular scenery, perfect weather and lots of wildlife. When we got back to the car we went swimming, carefully avoiding the jellyfish, and got an alternative view of Hallsands from the sea. Finished off with cream tea (well tea and icecream for me) at the Trouts, which is a hotel originally established by four sisters from the village that washed into the sea.

We left at 5 o'clock, dropped H&T in Newton Abbot and drove back to Bracknell, a drive which sadly wasn't as memorable as the rest of the trip. All I can say is I had a fantastic four days, full of exercise, food and fun, and it felt much longer than a long weekend too.

So thanks to Thomas for having a birthday, Helen for sorting it all out and booking it, Leonie for driving along those single track nightmares they call roads in Devon and for the lift to and from Bracknell, and of course to all of you for the great company and a really lovely weekend. Thank you x

July 19, 2005

Week 2 training

Didn't get a place in the New Forest Half Marathon but trying to keep up the training anyway as am good like that. Maybe Jamie is right and £1.50 more for the extra 13.1 miles (for the full marathon entry cost) is just too much of a bargain to miss.
Any other ideas for races in September, or even August??

Tuesday (faster run)
Ran 5km at 9–9.5km (okay so not very fast at all!); took 32 minutes 25 seconds. It felt pretty good and I could have kept going for longer, but I need to work on upping my pace and do some speed interval training or similar. Almost fell off treadmill as was watching Speedway (nothing else on t'telly) and got disorientated when one of the bikes crashed.

Feeling tense and really wanted to go to gym this morning, but decided to give knees a break from treadmill pounding so did 45 mins of x-training and cycling instead – marrrv.

Friday (slow run)
6.5km run at 9kmph … 43 mins 30 secs. My mental arithmetic is getting good… little else to think about when pounding along on a treadmill. Am hungry all the time atm, most inconvenient!

Monday (long run)
10km at 9 kmph. Dull!

now feeling lazy lazy lazy and stressed and not sure whether can be bothered to continue with the prog since not even going to be running a proper race come sept.

July 11, 2005

Week 1 training

Wednesday (slow run)
Warm up (bicycle 5 minutes)
Run 5 km (35.30 minutes), speed 8.5 kmph
Total calories burned: 60 + 360 = 420

Inspired by the announcement of the location for the 2012 Olympics, I decided to stop the excuses and start doing some training for my own fitness challenge. Took the run (really more of a jog) very steadily as haven't been to the gym for ages. Everything went surprisingly smoothly all things considered, and felt very calm and relaxed afterwards. Need to get some new headphones though as started to get bored towards the end sans musique. And from what I remember the slow runs start to become horribly long from about week 3 onwards.

Thursday (faster run)
Warm up (bike 5 minutes)
Run 4.3 km, (3km at 10 kmph, last 1.3 km at 8.5) – 28 minutes
Total calories burned: 52 + 301 = 353
Been panicking all day about people I know and care about in London (bombings) and feeling very upset + tense. Didn't really want to tear self away from news/internet but needed to take a break and running helped for a bit. Run was quite hard today, and I developed dehydration type headache in evening. Horrible, haven't had one of those for ages, have quite obviously lost all semblance of fitness.

Sunday - supposed to run 6 miles today. Walked slowly round country park somewhere near Wolverhampton instead. Ate a big icecream to finish (could icecream possibly be classified as carbs???). It was very hot though. Didn't make it back to campus early enough to go to the gym, though Birmingham New Street station has a lot of steps. Tomorrow morning.
Calories burned: 1. Calories consumed: 3 billion and 1, mostly icecream, Thai curry and wine (bloody hell am turning into Bridget Jones, will have to stop with this calorie counting malarkey, v. bad)

Monday (long run)
Warm up: bicycle (5 mins)
Run: 10km, speed 8 – 8.5 km – 1 hour 13 minutes
Run went well this morning, felt good. Legs a bit jelly-like now though. Fixed broken headphones with sellotape so that I could have running music; unfortunately didn't check tracks on MP3 player before I left room, so had to try to run to the dulcet tones of Tori Amos, not easy. Had to stick Professional Widow (that awful dance remix version) on repeat just so I could have a bit of a beat.

Calories burned: who cares? VERY hungry now.

June 30, 2005

Half marathon training – the alternative way

Well I have also gone and done it – that is, committed to this half marathon thingy in the New Forest in September. This should be interesting given that I haven't actually been to the gym for about a month, not to mention the fact that Emily and I think we hallucinated the whole Stratford experience.

Actually I haven't found a stamp yet so it's not too late for me to back out!

Should we have some kind of training schedule or something? I lost the last one. Most importantly, I think, we must eat a lot of flapjack and take lots of rest days. Wouldn't want to overdo it.

Filling in the application form took quite a bit of effort actually. Think I might have to lie down now.

June 22, 2005

New Forest half marathon

Writing about web page

Leonie suggested this might be a fun and profitable way to pass a (not so) lazy Sunday in September:

New Forest Marathon and Half Marathon

Sunday 18th September 2005

My dissertation will be in (oh god I hope so!) and Warwick a fast-fading memory, and if I beat 1.15.25 I will get £100.

Oh and the website says it's 'Probably the most scenic marathon course in the UK' (it also says that it's 'undulating', which is a less appealing adjective, at least from a runner's point of view).

I need to start doing some proper training, as going to the gym once a fortnight and running for 20 minutes does not count.

May 05, 2005

Just call me Paula

Having failed to complete much of my training schedule besides obligatory rest days and consumption of extreme quantities of pasta, I was feeling a little apprehensive at the prospect of running 13 and a bit miles to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday (however much the bard may appreciate it). However, as this had been my inspired idea at New Year (alongside a resolution to be canonised by the end of 2005) I felt somewhat obliged to totter off to Stratford-upon-Avon and at least show willing to half-heartedly trot down the road for a mile or two before taking refuge in the nearest pub.

The whole day was fantastic though, and both Emily and I really enjoyed it. Gorgeous weather, nice route and great atmosphere – lots of people cheering from village pubs as we ran past (we didn’t resort to running in and demanding cold beer). The support from Thomas, Helen and Leonie was much appreciated, as was the pimms and paninis in the pub at the end.

Our official places were 1320th and 1321st out of 1785 people who completed (as we started right at the back this means that we overtook 464 people), and 354th / 355th out of 615 women.

Official time: 2.16.23 (2.14.21 by my watch – but it took us a minute to cross the start line and probably another minute at the end to get our times recorded)

Who’s up for the Windsor half-marathon in October then?

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