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March 25, 2006

Disgruntled and plague–ridden

plagueHad high hopes of a weekend filled with cunning plans and clever tricks. Was going to walk half the london marathon course with my dad today, coffee / drinks with friends in evening, run along the river to Putney and try not to get lost too much and maybe fit a gym session in too in anticipation of the half marathon in a fortnight.

But I appear to be Diseased. My lungs feel like they’re imploding, my throat feels like it’s exploding, and one minute I’m hot then I’m cold and tired and headachy and miserable. And I’ve made A cross with me because I wanted to be left alone. I thought it was my body’s over-reaction to a very smoky pub on Thursday night, but if it is that, it’s a bloody big over-reaction. So my second (completely logical) thought is that I accidentally walked over a plague burial site and am now infected with the Black Death.

Hmm nothing like being a bit overly-dramatic, is there?

Anyway, I anticipate that my version of the plague will last approximately 48 hours, after which I will recover miraculously just in time for work on Monday morning. Buggerbuggerbuggerit.

March 01, 2006

I lost my mountain…

…somewhere on the no 77 bus to Clapham Junction (the northern line had broken – again), around the point where the bloke sitting behind me decided to start noisily rapping along to his mobile phone ring tone, the bus doors got stuck open letting in the freezing cold night air and relentlessly subjecting us all to the dulcet tones of the opening/closing door warning beep, and I got on the wrong connecting bus and had to walk for 40 minutes to get home. This was particularly annoying given that I had just run 6 miles at the gym and had no desire to walk another 6 on an empty stomach. And it was freezing.

At this point my attempts to hold the image of snowy mountain tops and beautiful Saussean scenery still in my mind failed, I started muttering my "for fuck's sake" mantra under my breath, and I realised that maybe I should go and live somewhere remote, preferably far away from the rest of humanity.

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