July 19, 2005

Week 2 training

Didn't get a place in the New Forest Half Marathon but trying to keep up the training anyway as am good like that. Maybe Jamie is right and £1.50 more for the extra 13.1 miles (for the full marathon entry cost) is just too much of a bargain to miss.
Any other ideas for races in September, or even August??

Tuesday (faster run)
Ran 5km at 9–9.5km (okay so not very fast at all!); took 32 minutes 25 seconds. It felt pretty good and I could have kept going for longer, but I need to work on upping my pace and do some speed interval training or similar. Almost fell off treadmill as was watching Speedway (nothing else on t'telly) and got disorientated when one of the bikes crashed.

Feeling tense and really wanted to go to gym this morning, but decided to give knees a break from treadmill pounding so did 45 mins of x-training and cycling instead – marrrv.

Friday (slow run)
6.5km run at 9kmph … 43 mins 30 secs. My mental arithmetic is getting good… little else to think about when pounding along on a treadmill. Am hungry all the time atm, most inconvenient!

Monday (long run)
10km at 9 kmph. Dull!

now feeling lazy lazy lazy and stressed and not sure whether can be bothered to continue with the prog since not even going to be running a proper race come sept.

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  1. Simon

    You should get a small MP3 player and a loose handful of audiobooks/readings on CD to encode. The 'In Our Time' downloads from radio 4 are always diverting. "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" and all that – better than inadvertently memorising the asinine conversation of the gym bunnies.

    You should have a go at training outdoors. Preferably in hilly areas: they provide natural opportunities for interval training. Personally, I find treadmill running is only beneficial for speed work when I've got my stamina up high through outdoor training.

    I don't think that Coventry offers much in the way of an undulating landscape though…

    17 Aug 2005, 11:28

  2. Ros

    Good tips there – I only really use the treadmill because all those figures, measurements etc. make me feel more in control! I do agree that running outside is more pleasant though. The landscape around my home town (in Yorkshire) offers better training opportunities – somehow the campus ring road just doesn't cut it either for decent hills or scenery.

    17 Aug 2005, 11:57

  3. Simon

    I agree that there's something comforting about the flashing lights, the odd bleep and the big red "stop" button, but being outdoors carries the benefits of making you finish where you started (no early shower), you can be totally alone and better able to focus on what your body is telling you and it lets you chip away at the limits of your fitness level in privacy. Yorkshire is prime fell running country and vast enough to take a lifetime to explore… I've never been into racing, and run simply for the release, the buzz and the solitude.

    There are some really good routes near campus. One takes you over the playing fields by the river/brook, through some more fields then down to a disused railway line – now a bridleway – which stretches for miles. It's undulating enough to offer different pacing and it certainly feels a million miles from campus.

    Don't be dispirited by the race preparations or the achievements of your friends – once you link running to the pleasures of solitude, relaxation and space you'll be out there almost daily and you'll get quicker (wider stride patterns and smoother rhythms etc).

    Anyway, keep us updated.

    17 Aug 2005, 12:47

  4. I found the bridleway (part of the Coventry Way?) once – it was nice. I'm not really into racing either, certainly not over short distances, but at the same time it's nice to have something to aim towards in training. I did a half marathon back in April/May and really enjoyed it; however my aim was completion rather than achieving any semblance of a 'decent' time. It meant I relaxed and enjoyed the run rather than stressing over split times etc. However, I'm assured that if I keep running and doing the occasional race I will start to care about such things. Right now it's mostly a means of relaxing and staying sane!

    17 Aug 2005, 13:38

  5. Simon

    Yes, it's very pleasant. When I'm new to a place I usually don my trusty ASICS and Ron Hill clobber and lurch around looking for new routes – that bridleway is quite a find – it feels very good to get away from campus and out into the middle of nowhere. I agree – it's essential to have some kind of physical release from the toil of dissertations and essay writing.

    17 Aug 2005, 14:05

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