September 12, 2005

Save the ducklings

Last month there were eight ducklings swimming on the pond next to Claycroft, last week there were four, and now there are only two (the smaller one pictured right -->).

Sounds like the start of a nursery school song, but if you're passing by CC pond (c'mon, there must be someone left on this godforsaken campus!), give some bread to the ducklings. It's late in the year for ducklings and they need all the help they can get. Nature's cruel.

Have been down there to feed them this evening and they were most appreciative. Well, lots of squawking. What's that all about anyway? Lately the ducks appear to be going mad – making a lot of noise and fighting each other. Leonie – if you read this, I want an explanation!

I like ducks, me. Not the crazed bastard rapist ones though.

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  1. I ate one the other day. Sorry.

    12 Sep 2005, 20:18

  2. People are cruel too :-(

    Still, the ducks will prevail through sheer numbers if nothing else. Apparently, Warwick ranks fifth for 'duck density' amongst universities in the UK.

    Check out:

    You'll never be able to scoff the lot. hahahahaha

    12 Sep 2005, 20:34

  3. I luck ducks. They're cute, non-threatening and taste very good. I like them.

    Geese, on the other hand, are sinister. They march around in groups, make noises, and I can't help but get the feeling they're plotting something. They're sinister.

    12 Sep 2005, 22:23

  4. As our Chinese friends might say, "Zhe zhi kaoya, hen hao chi" (this duck, very good eat)

    'Cept am supposed to be saving the ducks, not eating them. Oops. Dissertation-writing has addled brain.

    12 Sep 2005, 23:38

  5. "I luck ducks."

    Damn, I was tired last night.

    13 Sep 2005, 12:19

  6. Here comes a particularly juicy duckling straight out of the oven. mmmmmm.

    13 Sep 2005, 13:44

  7. Ros

    If Warwick hits the bottom of the duck density league tables next year, we'll all know who to blame.

    13 Sep 2005, 15:00

  8. hel

    you can't eat the ducks, you're supposed to be a veggie… all be it a fish and chicken eating one (or possibly an 'i'll-eat'owt-i'm-deliriously-hungry-from-dissertation-writing one,) and seriously, do ducks rape? am now very concerned, possible phd project on the horizon tho… i've always been a fan of ducks (specially the gay ones-ducks have rights to ya know) but rapists? its only discourse remember? (how do u say 'discourses of cultural femininity' in duck?)

    16 Sep 2005, 02:16

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