About me

I started keeping this blog as a way of whiling away time that would have been better spent writing an MA dissertation; hence it is filled with lots of really rather dull musings about how to conduct sociological research and some odd little drawings that I created, since the only vaguely interesting alternative seemed to be obsessing about who stole my latest pizza and gnawing away at my own toenails inside my Claycroft cell while waiting for the torment to end.

And end it did. Having escaped the “bubble” and moved to London for the first time in my life, I should really be feeling suitably inspired to write lots of interesting musings about the things I see and the places I go and the people I meet and the paperclips I count for, after all, when one is tired of London, one is tired of life etc etc.

Unfortunately, now I don’t really have time to write my blog, so it’s all still rather dull. Nevertheless, it does form a useful receptacle in which to deposit photos and the odd burble about ducks, piranhas, running and mushy peas when the blogging muse so inspires me.